Interview: #SunnyMotiv with Sunil Osman

Sunil Osman’s vast experience in both the public and corporate sector as an MC, Actor, Presenter, Comedian, Voice Artist and Auctioneer has given Sunil insight and extensive knowledge into the entertainment industry. This knowledge he uses as Motivational Speaker to those wanting to get into the entertainment arena and to inspire individuals who are as passionate as he is.

Sunil has published his first inspirational book ‘Sunny Motiv’ in which shares his thoughts about life lessons he’s learnt and how you can live your best life.

~ Your book ‘Sunny Motiv’ comes at the perfect time during lockdowns. Was this your intention or has in been in the works before lockdowns?
Technically speaking the SUNNY MOTIV journey started in 2008 when I wrote an inspirational piece called ‘The sun will rise’. I started putting #sunnymotiv together as a book 4 years ago.

~ How does your book help to motivate people?
I have taken life lessons and quotes beyond just theory and unpacked these in such a way that readers can apply them to their lives in life, love and business. It also shows how these three elements can be combined. Some quotes and explanations will resonate more depending on where the reader is in their life or what they may face on a daily basis.

~ Are you a naturally optimistic person? How do you keep yourself motivated?
I always try and be optimistic. Even when faced with negativity, I deal with negativity in a positive way. Being aware that negativity exists is the first step to becoming aware of how to be optimistic.

Waking up is a gift and this keeps me motivated.

~ People are anxious about keeping their jobs or finding a new one. How does your book address this?
When it comes to more business quotes and explanations, I speak about embracing oneself through love and passion. I encourage thinking out of the box. So when life deals you a hard hand, how to love yourself and what you do. This is an example of how life, love and business can be combined.

~ Would you consider doing ‘Sunny Motiv’ corporate workshops?

Yes. I already have a full day workshop presentation ready and will be presenting this at one of the South African Universities Psychology students at the beginning of 2021.

The original plan was to present this to just corporates, but as the book progressed it became clear that the purpose is to present to more than just corporates as the book has been written in such a way that even a 16yr old can pick it up and understand what has been written about.

~ How does ‘Sunny Motiv’ address personal relationship goals?
Relationship dynamics have changed a lot due to media and social media. SUNNY MOTIV addresses the basics of self-love and traditional ‘relationship goals’ without forgetting yourself. It speaks about loving from a place of truth and how this can spill over into life and business too.

~ What are your future goals for ‘Sunny Motiv’?
I hope people of all ages around the world read SUNNY MOTIV. So it would be to have school learners, university students and corporates to have my book for that moment they need motivation or inspiration. Ideally I’d like to present SUNNY MOTIV at workshops, especially when it comes to showing the link between life, love and business.

~ What’s a quick way to get motivated?
Acknowledging the gift of life. Loving unconditionally. Avoid gossip. Know that we are souls having a human experience. Pat yourself on the back and be aware of growth. Meditation.

~ Where can we get ‘Sunny Motiv’

You can order online here: www.takealot.com.

Alternatively and for bulk orders: sales@laurenmooipublishing.com

~ How do people connect with you?
I am on most social media platforms, so just search for Sunil Osman

~ Why did you write ‘Sunny Motiv’?
I was encouraged by someone who was motivated by #sunnymotiv quotes I would send out on social media.

She and many others said that my quotes changed their day. Taking into account that a #sunnymotiv comes to me through meditation, meeting people or reading a quote myself, I realised that many people read quotes but don’t always know how to apply it to their life. This was the beginning phase of SUNNY MOTIV as a book.

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