What does 2015 hold for JoziStylers? Opal-Jazmine Dodkins from SpiritsOracle shares her insights.

2012 – 2014 Completion and New energy paradigms of 2015:
By Opal-Jazmine Dodkins

The year 2012, 2013 and particularly 2014 were years of complete entropy – pure creation and emergence in the most authentic and dynamic way. Very different from what humanity has experienced before.

It has been an incredible few years for most. In many ways it was exceptionally challenging and in other ways it was abundant with blessings far beyond what the imagination could perceive. Profound healing that was thrust upon us as we received and integrated the new energies, awakening and embracing a new way of being; now emerging into all its glory in the magical year of 2015.

Humanity has in many ways closed off their minds to 2012 and the Consciousness shifts that took place on 21 December 2012 – the year the Mayan calendar ended and the beginning of a tortuous journey for many souls on this magnificent planet. Relationships were tested, healed or removed, with the loss of numerous loved ones and icons in various ways and being taken to the emotional edge as we released approximately 26 000 years of Karma (based on your perception this was wither positive or negative), the chaos, the changes usually with a myriad of movement in extreme opposite directions and finally the ability to exhale the “insanity” and take in the wonderful new energies of 2015.

2015 is the year of Abundance! As humans our ego based thoughts immediately shift to the physical / material world in the form of money. Well money most definitely forms part of abundance, yet it is certainly not the only form of abundance. The inhabitants of this beautiful planet might be rather surprised by the way in which said abundance is revealed to us.

We are in a new energy paradigm and not everything is as it seems. 2015 is about returning to self and ultimately returning to love.

We are infinitely stronger as a result of being hurtled forwards on our Consciousness journeys whether we are aware of it or not.

2015 is returning to the Heart of being. It is now that we shift from a mind / logical energy to the energy of love and compassion contained in our heart areas. It is now that we will be more compelled to be in service of ourselves, our families, communities and the world except now, coming from the perspective of Heart. Love replaces fear and the authentic gentleness of soul is revealed as we share our energy with the world in a whole new way.

There is an Abundance of love in 2015. We are surrounded by this abundance of love, if we would just open our eyes and see the abundance that surrounds us everyday. When you look outside, there is absolute loving abundance in every aspect of nature. Depending on your perception there is an abundance of time when you use your time wisely. There is an abundance of food and there is always enough to share (think about how much food you throw away). There is an abundance of health if you’re willing to do what is necessary to be healthy. There is an abundance of wisdom is you’re willing to learn, there is an abundance of everything we want and need if we are really open to receiving this abundance; and it is in everything that surrounds us.

You cannot give what you do not have. Returning to Self is about being in service to your self, giving YOU the love and care that you so richly deserve, in order to give to your world what it lovingly deserves.

Now, in theory this all sounds wonderfully blissful and in another time and space is simply is. Returning to Self is about embracing ALL of who you are and this as we all know can be a challenge of sorts. Loving yourself authentically is to face your pain, heal your emotions, forgive your self and others as well as asking for forgiveness when necessary and ultimately cracking open the shields of delusional security, oh and then open your heart to the world around you! This all sounds terrifying; however, each one of us will be gently guided through whatever process we need to experience to reconnect with our very own Self in alignment and expression of our Soul Purpose. It is time to fully integrate the shift from ignorance and Spiritual irresponsibility to Spiritual Free Will / Self responsibility living in integrity. In embracing this journey what ever that may mean for you, the results are clear – Abundance!

On-Air Reading For South Africa and Johannesburg for 2015
Deck: Ask an Angel
Author: Toni Carmine Salerno & Carisa Mellado

Cards Drawn:
· Cassiel: Stillness
· Phuel: Intuition
· Archangel Raphael: Health
· Archangel Chamuel: Divine Justice
· Melchizedek: Peace
· Archangel Zadkiel: Forgiveness
· Guardian Angel: Special Message

Summary of Reading:
Through any Heart related journey there is a need for stillness. Whether you specifically meditate or merely contemplate quietly in a peaceful space, introspection is required. By stilling the mind we become open to new possibilities as we listen to our truth. This truth can only be revealed when we listen. It is here that we can truly understand what our journey holds for us in authenticity and integrity as begin to explore – The Self. Imagine what South Africa and Johannesburg would be like if everyone was open to this journey…

When we connect with our true Self, we are connecting to our Intuition. We ALL have intuition (gut feel) and it is there to serve us for our highest good. Our intuition is always guiding us and assisting us on our journeys, that is of course when we’re willing to listen. It’s our etheric “GPS”.
We are multi-dimension beings and our intuition guides us in the same way. Mentally you might be guided to release an archaic belief system that no longer serves you, or you may be emotionally guided to forgive someone that has hurt or betrayed you and physically you might be guided to make changes in what you eat. What ever your guidance may be, when you follow it you reap the rewards that are for your highest good, even if you cannot see a tangible outcome from your current perspective.

The health of the nation is reflected in its people. Yet this is a mutualistic relationship. If the people of a nation embraced the Journey of returning to Self, the people of the nation would be healthier and this would ripple outwards into every aspect of the nation, including government. Again, we are multidimensional beings, if you are physically healthy at present yet your emotions are completely out of balance – your physical health won’t maintain its current status for very long. The nation as a whole shifts when we become healthy spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Each one of us has the opportunity to embrace or reject this, but then take a moment to reflect on your world and see how the unhealthy aspects of your own personal self is reflected in your world around you. Every thought, word and action has an impact and nothing is neutral. What you believe and tell yourself will show up in your reality. This is Divine Cosmic Justice and we ALL have a responsibility to change the way we treat and view ourselves as well our world, our city, our nation.

As we progress on this journey, it is time to let go as we forgive and forget. Forgiveness does not diminish the act; it merely frees you from carrying the baggage. Forgiveness brings peace and through peace there is compassion for all and progress and abundance in every form for everyone.

A profound Cosmic gift for each one of us and our world.

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Opal-Jazmine Dodkins can be contacted on +27793065346, opal@spiritsoracle.com, www.bodyandmind.co.za, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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