The Spin Music Fair will be holding their Annual Super Vinyl Sale on Sunday 28th July #SpinMusicfair

Spin Music Festival JoziStyle

The Spin Music Fair will be holding their Annual Super Vinyl Sale on Sunday 28th July from 10am to 2pm On The Deck at the Dunkeld Bowls Club, Hume Road, Dunkeld, Johannesburg.

There will be hundreds of selected records at drastically reduced prices (R50 and under) as well as new full-priced 180 gram reissues,2nd hand imports, CDs, cassettes, audio accessories, turntables and more. If you visit the Clover Records stand you can check out their amazing selection of rock memorabilia including collectable action figurines. If your interest runs into the hardware side of music, spend some time talking to Guillaume LeMaire of Croak Audio who pretty knows everything about audio equipment and will guide you through the technical minefield in a no-nonsense and practical way.

When the hunger pangs get to you order some scrumptious burgers or toasted sandwiches at the Club bar and while you`re at it have them pour you a `frostie` or glass of wine.

Some vinyl news

David Bowie released Ashes to Ashes on vinyl in 1980. Though the Thin White Duke was ahead of his time, even he couldn’t have foreseen how prophetic the release was… a radical way of treasuring departed loved ones is proof of this. Should someone be musically inclined, or just want to be remembered in style, then there’s a quirky option which ensures their remains are not only seen but heard.

If you have the money you can press your ashes into a vinyl record, at the rate of a teaspoonful per disc. The company providing this offbeat service is And Vinyly. It was formed in the Noughties by music producer Jason Leach from Scarborough, England. As the name suggests, And Vinyly takes a light-hearted approach to the Grim Reaper. Their slogan is “Live on from beyond the groove!”

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