Edward Chamberlain-Bell: What to eat, where to go & who to know!

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell

Situated in the heart of Sandhurst, The Oak Leaf restaurant is a tranquil haven for you and your family. Memories being made at the Oak Leaf Restaurant makes those special occasions just that much better. They offer a mouth watering selection of contemporary lunch meals with a wide spread choice of decadent cakes and pastries. They have hosted corporate breakfasts, year-end functions, product launches, team builds and bosberades for some of South Africa’s top companies as well as for some of South Africa’s up and comers.www.theoakleaf.co.za
August is women’s month and we ask are women all the same? Well the secret is out! There are indeed 5 types of women in the world. In The Female Curve, Authors and Human Behaviour Specialists, Johan and Marianna van Niekerk, write about the secret elements that differentiate 5 types of women in the world. In addition to sharing their extraordinary findings, Johan and Marianna also examine how reliance factors and placement on the female curve scale attributed to the building blocks of the 5 types of women.www.thefemalecurve.com


#SoundBites / #TheFoodCops – 10 Aug 2013: Edward Chamberlain-Bell @thewordofed and Amanda Masondo with guests The Oak Leaf and Johan and Marianna van Niekerk

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