Yum! Free Prawn Skewers & Garlic, Feta & Tomato Starter recipes from @SnappyChef

We love the Snappy Chef range because it is both stylish and functional. You can cook it it, serve in it- and even burn in it because it is so easy to clean. They even shared two delicious recipes that we can’t wait to share with you!

JoziStyle: Why is Snappy Chef so highly regarded?
Snappy Chef Induction Stoves not only save you time with cooking, but also up-to 50% on your electricity. While induction appliances are our speciality, we now cater for all with our cookware ranges and kitchenware range.

JoziStyle: Why is Snappy Chef so safe to use?
Because of the light weight of our stoves- they can travel with you. Take them camping, use outside next to the braai or even on your table when having a fondue. In this way you take the ease of use and savings with you. Remember, the Snappy Chef creates a magnetic field that directly heats your cookware, it doesn’t have a heated stove top. For this reason, the Snappy Chef is extremely save to use.

JoziStyle: Are South Africans familiar with induction cooking?
Induction is a fairly new concept to South Africans- while it’s been used in Europe for decades. Induction is faster than any conventional cooking method, it uses less electricity and because it doesn’t have a plate that heats up, it’s very save to use. For this reason we claim Snappy Chef Induction appliances as the Cheaper- Faster- Saver way of cooking.

The settings are easy to understand, which makes cooking a breeze. Just remember that induction stoves only work with magnetically conductive cookware such as stainless steel and cast iron. If a magnet sticks to the base of your cookware, it should work perfectly.

JoziStyle: We love the free recipes on your website, which one is your favourite?
All of them are favourites, but here’s 2 that everyone should try:

SC Recipe Book- Garlic, Feta & Tomato Starter
SC Recipe Book- Prawn Scewers

Tell us what you think of the recipes, and visit SnappyChef.co.za/recipes for more!

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