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Road Tripping

Road Tripping Namibia will take you on an iconic journey through this truly beautiful country.

Namibia is a land of contrasts with miles of beautiful rolling sand dunes as well as breath-taking landscapes, as well as diverse and bountiful bird and wildlife.

The book covers 15 iconic road trips, all perfectly manageable in a normal sedan, showcasing the highlights of Namibia together with great overview maps and stunning photographs. Routes include: Namib Route, Diamond Towns and Wild Horses, Adventure Route, Ai/Ai5 Richtersveld Transfrontier Park, Kalahari Route, Windhoek Passes, Floral Route, ‘Twitching’ Namibia – A Birder’s Paradise, Kavango and Zambezi, Cultural Route, Kunene and the Four ‘O’s, Wildlife Route, Rocks and Rock Art, Damaraland and the Kaokoveld, Skeleton Coast – An Angler’s Paradise. For each route you can map your driving distance, see the driving time, look at the highlights, check the driving conditions, child-friendly ratings, logistics, low-slung vehicle ratings, emergency numbers and see the author’s tips as well as when best times are to visit the area. This book is a must-have for any adventure traveller or tourist wanting to experience the back roads throughout Namibia.

With Road Tripping Namibia travelling in Namibia becomes a journey of adventure and discovery, so hop into your car and explore Namibia as you never have before.

The Road Trippers:
Fiona McIntosh, consulting editor, is a Cape Town-based freelance writer and photographer and the editor of an online travel magazine. Her first visit to southern Africa, in 1988, was an eye-opener. By the time she reached Windhoek she decided to abandon her plan of hitchhiking through five countries in her three weeks’ leave and focus on getting to know Namibia instead. So began a love affair with this extraordinarily diverse landscape. She’s been making regular pilgrimages there ever since.

Shaen Adey is a photographer whose camera has taken her to remote and special places. She has some 40 book titles to her name and is a Getty and Gallo photographer. Namibia is one of her favourite places. She is regularly drawn to the beautiful red dunes of Sossusvlei and the Namib with its star-studded sky.

Willie Olivier has been exploring the roads of Namibia for 30 years. He has also explored the country on foot– from the depths of the Fish River Canyon to the summit of the Brandberg – and has paddled the waters of the Kunene and Orange rivers. Willie lives in Windhoek and is the author of several travel books.

Ron Swilling is a freelance writer whose work is featured in magazines in South Africa and Namibia, and in a recently published book on the wild horses of the Namib Desert. She recommends road tripping in Namibia for infinite (and unusual) landscapes, warm people and life-affirming adventures.

Katy Sharpe, brought up in Zimbabwe, has always been passionate about the bush, birds and wildlife. She does freelance birding expeditions and tour guiding in the Zambezi Region of Namibia and is the owner of a thriving tourism business based in Katima Mulilo (www.tutwatourism.com).

Nick Buys was born and raised in Namibia. His passion for birds and other wildlife led to his decision to follow a career in wildlife. Nick is currently based in Windhoek, from where he leads birding and wildlife tours throughout Namibia, Botswana and Zambia.

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