Win 1 of 5 double tickets to #WineJoziStyle @RMBWineX #RMBWineX2017 #ArtofWine

Win 1 of 5 double tickets to #WineJoziStyle @RMBWineX #RMBWineX2017 #ArtofWine

Jozi’s largest, most enduring and supremely elegant wine show – returns to the Sandton Convention Centre from 25 to 27 October 2017. Feast your wine soul on the greatest selection of wines under one roof – from the most classical styles to the avant-garde; around 800 wines, artisanal products and accessories from 150 exhibitors are sure to delight all who love wine. Bespoke tastings, product launches, wine route promotions and art displays are designed to enhance the WineX-lover’s experience of the exciting world of all things vinous. And, the Mastrantonio emporium caters for show visitors ‘on the move’ with easy-to-eat deli meals and sumptuous refreshments.

To win one of five double tickets to ply share this post onto Facebook or Twitter with the hashtags #WineJoziStyle @RMBWineX #RMBWineX2017 #ArtofWine – or tell us below why you want to go. The winner will be randomly selected from submissions below and also from our Facebook & Twitter followers.

Entries close on Sunday, 22, October 2017 at 12PM.
The winner will be selected by an online random generator.
Winners will be announced by Tuesday, 23 October 2017 before 5PM.
The winners will be announced on and informed by email.


  1. Maddy Mutati says:

    I really enjoy good wine and have never been to the show before. This would be a great treat and I would love to bring my friend along to experience this!
    #WineJoziStyle @RMBWineX #RMBWineX2017 #ArtofWine

  2. Haley Abrahams says:

    Fabulous wines, fabulous people (aren’t we all in Jozi?) – what’s there not to like? #WineJoziStyle @RMBWineX #RMBWineX2017 #ArtofWine 

  3. Liza Smith says:


  4. Sentle Sauli says:

    I’m a big fan of wine and I enjoy learning what you can pair or serve it with

  5. JoziStyle says:

    Congratulations to our #WineJoziStyle @RMBWineX #RMBWineX2017 #ArtofWine winners!

    Haley Abrahams
    Maddy Mutati
    Sentle Sauli
    Liza Smith
    Stefan Gouws

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