Ribs and Burgers’ ribs and burgers are edible perfections #DineJoziStyle

Burgers Ribs DineJoziStyle

What do you want to eat?”

“I don’t know, what do you want to eat?”

Does this conversation sound familiar?

If so, it’s time to consider somewhere new. Or at least, somewhere new to Bryanston!

Ribs and Burgers’ ribs and burgers are certain to please satisfy every craving and apoeal to the most discerning foidie – and after visiting their new restaurant, your meal-time indecision will be a distant memory. Nicolway ribs, burgers, and other meals are so good thanks to their dedication to real food.

They only use premium cuts of 100% beef, fresh ingredients, and top-secret recipes that went through countless iterations before choosing the winning techniques.

Ribs & Burgers situated in the heart of Sandton, in The Marc, Sandown and now Nicolway, Bryanston and in Pretoria at Menlyn Maine, Central Square, – to give locals food & service that makes guests stand still & live in the moment!

Global Brand, situated in Australia and the UK, Ribs & Burgers, is fast becoming South Africa’s favourite boutique fast-casual restaurant.

Specialising in slow-cooked wholesome ribs, premium burgers, wings, salads, free-range chicken and more, within a welcoming and authentic environment, will be opening its third store in South Africa, in the heart of Bryanston at Nicolway shopping Centre with the other restaurants situated at the premium shopping centre, The Marc in Sandton and the other restaurant destination in Pretoria, Menlyn Maine.

Ribs & Burgers like to keep it real.

In a world of fast & elaborate food fads, we’re all about the basics, done beautifully. The burgers are made from the best cuts of grass-fed, hormone-free, 100% pure beef, with nothing added, not even salt and pepper.
To understand the brand, one must get into the mind of a classic butcher.

The brand originated from that of a skilled butcher that spent months perfecting his patty & eating too much raw mince along the way, in an effort to get the right taste. Adding a fresh-baked bun and a patty cooked on a flame grill, along with fresh locally sourced produce, the burger came alive. After mastering the burger, the butcher turned to his ribs, using a secret 35-year-old family basting recipe and slow cooking the method that was passed down to him by his grandmother; adding a flame grill to achieve smoky succulent perfection.

Happy and confident, the butcher opened his doors to feed people where the service is kept as humble and real as the food.

Welcome to Ribs & Burgers!!!

Take a chair, relax and enjoy the amazing smells coming from the open kitchen and delight your senses in affordable family recipes, side plates to share and a feeling that you are being looked after in an environment where it’s the only place you want to be. Their staff genuinely want to make sure you are having a good time and loving every mouthful.

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