Rare art exhibition for plant lovers at the Morningside Shopping Centre

Exquisitely detailed artwork of flowers and fruits, mushrooms and roots will be on display at the third botanical art exhibition to be held by the Gauteng branch of Botanical Artists’ Association of Southern Africa (BAASA).

The exhibition will be held at the Morningside Shopping Centre from the opening on Monday 11th May at 6pm until Friday15th May at 1pm.

Botanical art is a growing art form throughout the world. It stands out from other genres because it is a mix of both science and art. The images have to depict plants in such a way that they are realistic down to the smallest detail. Scientists say that photographic records rarely produce the same effects, and hand-drawn and painted images are very important to record the finer points of plant morphology.

South Africa has a distinguished record of botanical art inspired by our spectacularly varied and beautiful flora. There is a large community of talented artists throughout the country, many of whom have helped illustrate botanical books. In 2001 a small group of professional botanical artists founded an association that has since grown to include many part-time and amateur artists.

Plant portraits highlight the beauty and frailty of our natural heritage and raise an awareness of its value and vulnerability. Through the centuries botanical art has played an important role in recording our floral heritage, so much so that today botanical paintings form the only record of the existence of some plants.

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