Winter comfort for South African skin from QMS Medicosmetics’ Ion Skin Equalizer & Pearltouch Duo

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Ion Skin Equalizer Night Serum and Cream is a unique anti-aging skincare duo, which boosts the skin’s nightly regeneration process. For the first time in the history of cosmetic products, active ingredient molecules are transported into the deeper layers of the skin with the help of a micro current technology rather than by the use of any technical device. Ion Skin Equalizer Night Serum uses this innovative technology which contains zinc and copper gluconates that generate an electric field when applied to the skin. The resulting micro current aligns the active ingredient molecules of the Ion Skin Equalizer Cream in a linear direction and thus transfers them into the skin – without affecting the skin’s own protective barrier. Precious Chrono biological energy sources from algae extracts, bio peptides and plant extracts with their energy boosting, moisturizing and smoothing properties reach the deeper layers of the skin.

The Ion Skin Equalizer Night Serum is exclusively intended for use in partnership with the Ion Skin Equalizer Night Cream. The skin becomes firmer, its elasticity increases, and signs of tiredness are reduced overnight during the biological repair phase – this is only possible due to the additional electric stimulation.

A deeply, moisturizing skin identical cream without emulsifiers, stabilizers and other chemical additives. The water free formulation ensures the most effective penetration of the precious ingredients even in extreme temperatures.

QMS Medicosmetics
Ion Skin Equalizer
Pearltouch Duo
Luxurious re-firming and moisturising cream. The exclusive concept of active ingredients is based on natural substances from pure silk protein and precious pearl extracts from Japan. High grade and valuable contents smooth and firm up skin and regularly replenishes moisture deposits. Due to the unique skin identical base SILS (Skin Identical Lipid Structure) Pearltouch Duo penetrates effectively and quickly into the skin and unfolds an intensive and lasting effect. A skin rejuvenating facial treatment for all skin types that meets highest demands for a visibly improved and smooth skin structure. Unique skin identical cream base without emulsifiers, stabilizers or other chemical additives.

Immediately absorbed by the skin.
Relieves skin of stress.
Regulates the amount of lipids and moisture in the skin.
Strengthens the epidermal barrier.
Supports the natural regeneration of the skin.
Reduces fine lines and wrinkles and prevents further wrinkles from appearing.
Delays premature photo aging.
Leaves a silky smooth and nourishing skin after the first application.

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