Some of the cutest & funkiest office toys from @PylonesSA

From 9 to 5 with Pylones

Pylones has the perfect products to liven up your boring work day. Their cute and funky office accessories will add colour and quirkiness to any office. Be inspired by your surroundings!

Pylones was launched from a basement in Paris in 1985 by designer Braguette Magique. Today Pylones has over 100 stores worldwide
Barry Berman stated ”Pylones wanted to create objects that would make customers smile, and take them back to childhood.”
Enthusiastic and talented designers, new materials, new techniques, patient and competent suppliers, efficient and attentive employees contribute to Pylones’ success worldwide. Our loyal and friendly customers grow in number with every passing year.
“Pylones – the brand that transforms objects into gifts!

Flagship store opening V & A Waterfront Cape Town 01 August 2014
Shop 6178 Lower Level, Victoria Wharf

For further information please contact Barry Berman: (021) 425 9344 / 083 5000 270 or barry@bajo.co.za / www.pylones-sa.co.za

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