Peter Veldsman & Dirkie Christowitz Private Wine Collection

Strauss & Co’s upcoming Virtual Live Auction taking place on Sunday, 15th May at 11am features a lovely spread of affordable quality and collectable rarity from the cellars of two fabled private collectors. Legends in their respective industries, Peter Veldsman is one of South Africa’s most respected food writers and a beloved restaurateur. Fortified wines guru Dirkie Christowitz was a cellarmaster at Monis for almost 4 decades, known for his passion and knowledge in the production of ports and sherries.

Peter Veldsman was born in Ladysmith on a wine farm where his grandfather created muscats and brandy. He started his career in food and wine at Silwood Kitchen in the sixties and after achieving a masters in Germany became food editor of Sarie magazine – a post he held for almost 17 years. He was the first recipient of the Galliova award as best food writer in South Africa, an accolade he received twice. He started his own restaurant, Emily’s and was awarded his first Top 10 award during the nineties. This was soon followed by a succession of other local and international awards including three international awards for his contribution to tourism, being named in the Who’s Who of the World for a period of five years, and numerous wine industry recognitions. Co-founder and former chairperson of the South African branch of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, Peter has written 12 books and throughout his career made an invaluable contribution to the South African food scene, being awarded the Eat Out Lannice Snyman Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016 for his professional legacy. His Emily’s wine list was awarded the Diner’s Club Platinum status year after year. He retired in 2015 and is still a celebrated force in the world of wine and food.

Dirkie Christowitz joined the team at Monis in the role of assistant winemaker in 1979, and under the early guidance of Hans Losch was responsible for the production and blending of these legendary fortified wines (including the coveted 1948 Monis Collectors Port), up until they were finally discontinued after the release of the 2006 vintage. By the time of his retirement 38 years later, Dirkie was heavily involved in more commercial categories, but his passion remained with the fine Port- and Sherry style wines that he carefully collected throughout his career.

Steeped in tradition, Monis has one of the longest established ranges of fortified wines in South Africa and enjoys an unsurpassed reputation for quality since the 1930’s.

As winter approaches it is the ideal time to indulge in these heritage wines from perfect provenance and experience some of the best port-style wines ever made in the Cape.

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