PR superstar Tilly Smith and gourmet foodie Barbara Gillman on Sound Bites with Edward Chamberlain-Bell on Radio Today Johannesburg.

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell

edward.chamberlain-bellThere’s no such thing as bad publicity unless you’re a restaurateur. Tilly Smith, publicist & PR consultant, advises five-star restaurants and spa desitnations how to get the reviews they deserve and what to do when they don’t. Invaluable advise that doesn’t come cheap but Edward Chamberlain-Bell got it first-hand from the publicist who advises brands not to get ready for their launch until they’re ready to launch! http://tillysmith.co.za

Barbara Gillman joins The Food Cops with a wealth of experience as a corporate trainer, voice coach and gourmet foodie. She doesn’t enjoy complaining but advocates that when you must you communicate your needs and expectations clearly to avoid any misunderstanding or causing any embarrassment to other parties. Restaurant owners take note: the experience begins with your staff but the buck stops with you when things go wrong- and she has the solution. http://voiceperfect.org.

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@TheFoodCops – 16 Mar 2013 on @Radio2Day. Edward Chamberlain-Bell (@thewordofed) with Tilly Smith & Barbara Gillman.

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