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Calvados “appellation” to be showcased at The TOPS at SPAR Wine Show @TheWineShowZA

I have only heard of Calvados once; it was on the menu at a French restaurant in Port Elizabeth that reinvented the classic Duck à l’Orange with Calvados, but I have never forgotten the depth of flavour of that dish. Calvados is a potent liqueur (30% alcohol) by distilling apples, but unlike a zesty apple […]

Interview with winemaker Stuart Botha about Eagles’ Nest Wines @eaglesnestwines

Winemaker, Stuart Botha, from the Eagles’ Nest Winery in the Constantia Valley gives us some insight into their unique terroir (and more) that has helped them win numerous accolades and awards for their Merlot, Viognier and Shiraz wines which they will be showcasing at the TOPS at SPAR Wine Show. is sure to wow at […]

Podcast & Interview: Conflict resolution & relationship building with Dr. John Demartini @JoziStyle @Radio2Day @thewordofed @HeatherLHook

Dr. John Demartini joins Edward Chamberlain-Bell, Heather Hook & Barbara Gillman in the JoziStyle studios at Radio Today Johannesburg. JoziStyle is broadcast on Saturdays from 12h00 to 13h00 (GMT+2). Radio Today Johannesburg (@Radio2Day) broadcasts on 1485 AM in Johannesburg and country-wide on DStv audio channel 869. Stream: and Radio Today! Radio that delivers! Transcription […]

Exclusive: Starting fires with the Ultimate Braai Master himself: Justin Bonello!

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell You have more chance of catching Justin Bonello on his successful television show Ultimate Braai Master than meeting him in person. He’s not evasive, just elusive, because his time between producing television shows, writing books and managing his own production company is scheduled months, if not years, in advance. Justin Bonello is […]

Renown foodie Denise Bjorkman shares the virtues and proud history of Italian cuisine with #JoziSters

People associate Italian cuisine with a tempting slice of pizza and a heap of pasta, but there is much more to Italian Cuisine according to renown restaurateur and owner of La Fiorentina Denise Bjorkman. The idea of a pizza base or pizza goes back some 7000 years to Sardinia where it was considered to be […]

Twenty exclusive Sibalicious recipes TV broadcasts @SibaMtongana @FoodNetwork @Radio2Day (Plus 1 bonus recipe!)

Siba’s Table Fast Feasts was filmed in South Africa and showcases five fast and fabulous feasts prepared by Siba Mtongana. The meals are easy to prepare with clever cheats and shortcuts. In each show Siba shows us how to create a show stopping Siba-licious meal in no time at all. She’s got family meals, casual […]

Siba’s feast from the east recipes off her table to yours @JoziStyle @SibaMtongana @FoodNetwork @Radio2Day

MARINATED CUCUMBERS WITH BLACK SESAME SEEDS Preparation time: 5 minutes Cooking time: none Serves 4 1 large cucumber, peeled in ribbons MARINADE 6 Tablespoons rice vinegar 1 teaspoon soy sauce Juice of 1/2 naartjie (Satsuma or clementine), optional 2 Tablespoons sugar Pinch of salt GARNISH 1 teaspoon black sesame seeds METHOD 1. Prepare the cucumber […]

Are South Africans getting the service they deserve? @Davenemeth tells you what to expect in 2015!

By Changing consumer attitudes by Dave Nemeth | @Davenemeth Are you getting the service that you deserve? Shoppers are no longer interested in store discounts when they can shop around online, pay for goods and services online and have everything delivered anywhere in the world. Having a credit card is no longer a privilege considering […]

Learning the 5Ws of Social Media with Frankie Brooks from Roots SA @MsFrankieB @HeatherLHook

Learning the 5Ws of Social Media with Frankie Brooks from Roots SA. By Heather Hook | @HeatherLHook We couldn’t imagine living without social media because it has become an essential tool for connecting and communicating, but how many of us are using the right platforms wrong reasons? JoziStyle’s roving reporter Heather Hook interviewed Frankie Brooks […]

Exclusive: Starting fires with the ultimate braai master himself: Justin Bonello! @UltimateBraai @Justin_Bonello

You have more chance of catching Justin Bonello on his successful television show Ultimate Braai Master than meeting him in person. He’s not evasive, just elusive, because his time between producing television shows, writing books and managing his own production company is scheduled months, if not years, in advance. One doesn’t simply just get Justin’s […]

Exclusive: Reza Mahammad shares his latest recipes with @JoziStyle

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell I had interviewed many people on radio before I interviewed Reza Mahammad but interviewing him was a defining moment in my career on-air that set the benchmark for future guests and opened doors to interview prominent personalities on my show at Radio Today Johannesburg. Until that day when I interviewed Reza I […]

Interview: Peter Primrich’s book Brew Tool Coffee Culture.

Brew Tool Coffee Culture – The South African Coffee-Lover’s Bible by Peter Primrich with Jennifer Steyn is the ideal gift for the discerning coffee drinker. It’s a comprehensive overview of the history, religion and politics of the magical coffee bean and how it’s impacted our lifestyles today. Brew Tool Coffee Culture will convert coffee Philistines […]

It's 'All About Health' for Laura McDermid on Radio Today! @laurasmuesli @radio2day

JoziStyle: How did you get involved with JoziStyle? I was at the Fourways Farmer’s Market one Sunday when an unsuspecting Edward Chamberlain-Bell happened to walk past my stall. I started questioning him about what he eats for breakfast which led to quite an animated discussion about health in general. Poor Edward never stood a chance!! […]

Gaynor Paynter doing #JoziStyle proud with her community work, Johannesburg theatre reviews & her social media engagement!

JoziStyle: How did you get involved with JoziStyle? I’ve always had a fascination for radio, the media, and pop culture, so when JoziStyle engaged my services to assist with their social media management, I grabbed the chance! JoziStyle: What do you enjoy most about managing JoziStyle on Facebook? It’s a fantastic opportunity to spread the […]

Holi Cow! Yudhika Sujanani is Jozi’s Queen of Spice and all things nice! @YudhikaSujanani

Holi Cow! Yudhika Sujanani is Jozi’s Queen of Spice and all things nice! By Kate Goetz Where did your interest in cooking begin? As a child growing up in Natal (learning at the hands of passionate cooking role models, (eg Mom, Gran, family friends)? Do you have any formal chef training?; I did have the […]

Own Your Industry with Douglas Kruger @douglaskruger @radio2day @jozistyle

There is no shortage of experts these days- there is inflation, hunger and possibly global warming, but there’s no shortage of experts. Thanks to the internet, and daytime talk shows, anyone calling themselves an expert is assumed to be an expert. If you read it on the internet then it must be true. Some self-proclaimed […]

Discussing the importance of hydration with Laura McDermid

  Edward Chamberlain-Bell and Laura McDermid discuss the importance of hydration in winter. It is very easy to remember the importance of hydration in summer when you’re thirsty, but did you know you can also be dehydrated in winter? It’s too easy to reach for a rich cappucino or creamy soups to keep warm, but […]

Gauteng Tourism Authority in support of the Joburg Shopping Festival.‏

We talk to Barba Gaoganediwe Head Destination Media & Communications from Gauteng Tourism Authority about their partnership with the Joburg Shopping Festival. About Barba Gaoganediwe Barba played a leading role in the creation and adoption of the new Gauteng brand and wears the title of Head Destination and Media Communications since 2011. He was the […]

Redefine the relationship you want with Adele Green @nakedwithadele

Introducing a new concept like reflection, in the context of our daily relationships, takes an academic spiritual concept into practice. Relationships will go to the next level when a man or woman can put himself or herself into the other’s position in a time when it is hard to do so. This certainly requires a […]

Radio personality Barbara Gillman is voice perfect @Radio2Day

Barbara Gillman greets us with a warm smile and a generous hug as we enter her studio at Radio Today Johannesburg. She’s not being theatrical, she’s being genuine. Barbara is the ultimate hostess who puts all her guests at ease- be it at home, in studio or her corporate workshops. She’s a published poet, actress […]

Jozi Style raves about Chris Avant-Smith @Radio2Day

Chris Avant-Smith is a popular radio presenter on Radio Today Johannesburg where he hosts his own show called Rant and Rave. He’s charming, witty and just occasionally outspoken. The Jozi Style team caught up with him to find out what advice he has to share with anyone interested in pursuing a career on radio, and […]

Fraser Carey claims opposite personality types in business

Fraser Carey, who heads up the Success Principles seminars at the School of Etiquette in South Africa proves to corporate teams utilising his workshops that they need a full deck of cards as a team to succeed in business. “We tend to employ staff because we seem alike in most ways, which we deem to […]

Corporate Climbers Scaling the Walls to Success with Finesse at The School of Etiquette!

The School of Etiquette has had requests from diplomats, students and leaders of African states to assist in creating future leaders – and first ladies. Says Courtenay Carey, CEO of The South African School of Etiquette in Sandhurst, Johannesburg: “I just love my job as the attendees we get at our courses cannot be type-cast […]

Can @localgrill keep the @TheWolftrapWine @TheSteakHunter Championship Award a 2nd year in @JoburgRSA ?

I interviewed Steven Maresch from The Local Grill on The Edward Chamberlain-Bell Show (Radio Today Johannesburg) when they won the inaugural award (2013); so it gave me double pleasure to feature them again in advance of the 2014 awards. Am I biased wanting him to win a second time when he’s already made history? Damn […]

Get your game on for Ultimate Braai Master @UltimateBraai (Season 4) Enter here

My idea of the ultimate braai is to let someone else do the braaing, which is why watching Ultimate Braai Master is almost like watching porn for me. I love the taste of a braai but personally I’d rather take a salad and watch everyone else chop wood, light fires and burn the meat. Ultimate […]


By Edward Chamberlain-Bell What is your show about? In one word: Destinations! It’s all about what to eat, where to go and who to know in Johannesburg and all around South Africa. I focus mainly on events and destinations in Johannesburg because we have over 30,000 listeners here, but there are also another 10,000 listeners […]

Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions.

Answer these questions using only song names from ONE ARTIST. Pass it on to 12 people you like and include me. Try not to repeat a song title. It’s a lot harder than you think! Repost as “My Life According to (BAND NAME)” Pick Your Artist: Madonna Are you a male or female? Candy Perfume Boy Describe […]

Media24 Rates Edward Chamberlain-Bell.

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell Edward is very knowledgeable in his field with a strong focus on professionalism. I learnt about interconnecting multiple social media platforms (Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube) for maximum exposure and about targeted writing based on most popular Google searches. I had previous exposure with Facebook and Twitter but I will now be […]

Edward Chamberlain-Bell: What to eat, where to go & who to know!

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell Situated in the heart of Sandhurst, The Oak Leaf restaurant is a tranquil haven for you and your family. Memories being made at the Oak Leaf Restaurant makes those special occasions just that much better. They offer a mouth watering selection of contemporary lunch meals with a wide spread choice of decadent […]

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