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Grace Duckworth from Fat Cats Catering on Sound Bites with Edward Chamberlain-Bell on Radio Today Johannesburg.

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell Discussing food trends for 2013. There aren’t many people better qualified to discuss food trends but Fat Cats Catering comes with a collective experience of over 20 years in the catering, fine dining and hotel industry both locally and internationally. They’re passionate and highly creative about creating a culinary adventure and a […]

@TannieEvita se Bossie Sikelela recipes makes for mouthwatering reading!

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell Evita Bezuidenhout is a national treasure to most South Africans- although some politicians might disagree, because she simultaneously tickles our funny bone while raising our collective consciousness about the state of the nation. Her rags to riches life-story symbolises South Africa’s hopes for transformation a post-apartheid government to a post-corruption government.   […]

Discussing artisanal foods in South Africa on Sound Bites with Edward Chamberlain-Bell on Radio Today Johannesburg.

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell Edward Chamberlain-Bell campaigns for conscientious eating as he reviews “The Face On Your Plate” by Jeffrey Masson before proving that local is even more lekker when you can support smaller artisanal producers. This is the era of artisan producers and Jorgensen’s Distillery is proud to be flying the flag for organic, handcrafted […]

Eat Yourself Handsome

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell Amazingly, people can invest more time choosing their skin care products before considering what they eat despite the fact that better results can be achieved through eating a healthy diet before expecting miracles from a jar containing ingredients one wouldn’t dare to eat. And yet, consider how many companies urge you to […]

Valentine’s Race Day Goes Digital

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell Valentine’s Race Day Goes Digital has put a fun digital twist on Valentine’s Day. They realize that Valentine’s Day has become an extortionate moneymaking opportunity, which obliges people to spend money they can’t afford, to prove they still love the one person who married them for richer or poorer. maintains that real love […]

Contact me, Connect with me or Socialise with me!

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell The first step for any company would be to create a website so that your customers can find you online. It’s a natural progression in your marketing strategy that sounds fun until you discover that it’s not the exciting creative process that you envisioned but a technical development that you don’t understand. […]

Social media is the most cost-efficient way of marketing your business.

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell It’s the ideal platform for small businesses but even multinational corporations are reducing their marketing budgets because social media marketing can yield better results at a fraction of the price. Obviously, companies are investing more time and money into their social media campaigns to increase their market share. It’s not rocket science […]

People with anti-social tendencies (read psychopath) are less likely to connect on Facebook.

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell People with anti-social tendencies (read psychopath) are less likely to connect on Facebook- and that can hurt your chances of getting a job because employers assume one of 2 things: your profile was so offensive it had to be deleted or you’re not normal because being on Facebook is the norm. SHARE […]

Media24 Rates Edward Chamberlain-Bell.

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell Edward is very knowledgeable in his field with a strong focus on professionalism. I learnt about interconnecting multiple social media platforms (Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube) for maximum exposure and about targeted writing based on most popular Google searches. I had previous exposure with Facebook and Twitter but I will now be […]

Local oysters rule supreme at the 2013 Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell Oysters are the delicacy of choice for gourmands, romantics, and those who appreciate the finer things in life. And with the 2013 Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival coming up between 28 June and 7 July, Festival Manager Nicci Rousseau-Schmidt takes a look at the festival’s most honoured “guests” – the oysters. […]

The Queen of Virtual Horse Racing

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell The Queen of virtual horse racing has made history so many times that even historians anticipate her future races; and she is on the threshold of making history again as she is expected to win her 9,000th race on this week. Samster has enjoyed unparalleled success on, she has participated […]

Social Media Bag of Tricks

ONLINE SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING By Edward Chamberlain-Bell An integrated social media marketing service is my specialty. If you’re new to social media then I can create all your social media platforms, integrate them with each other for maximum effect before handing them over to you. I offer complete start-up packages and ongoing management solutions. Social […] Celebrates A Decade Of Virtual Success

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell is celebrating their tenth anniversary as the pioneer of online horse racing with 400 tribute races and over $20,000 sponsorships between the 1-10 May 2011. is also giving away $2,000 in Bonus Prizes in celebration of their 10th Anniversary. Online horse racing became a global phenomenon when simulated the […]

Tripping The Light Fantastic With Dermawand!

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell I’m extremely skeptical of infomercials that promote products with more hyperbole than cold scientific fact. That was until I purchased the Derma Wand. Skin professionals use a variety of electrical appliances during a facial to maximise product absorption, stimulate circulation and increase oxygenation. The results are skin that looks refreshed, toned and […]

Who wants to be a Millionaire?

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell If you don’t want to be a millionaire it’s probably because you’d rather be a billionaire instead – and we respect that! The only problem with becoming a millionaire is that you have to work for it; unless of course you marry money, divorce money or inherit money, but for the average […]

$99,000 Virtual Horse Racing Championships Raise The Stakes Online

Virtual horse racing appeals to just about anyone who has ever wanted to own, train and race their own horses. The excitement of virtual horse racing lies in the thrill of beating the competition or winning the generous cash sponsorships. While some players enjoy a superficial interest in racing their horses there are others who […]

These Are a Few of My favourite Things

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell The appearance and condition of your skin can change on a daily basis according to the weather, your lifestyle and even your frame of mind. Think of what your skin looks like after a relaxing week:end, late night or three hours in bumper to bumper traffic: what looked good in the morning […]

The World Championships Are Online At

Horse racing enthusiasts are connecting online to enjoy the 2010 World Championships in the unlikeliest of places. Not at the track, but online! It may seem out of character but the conservative world of horse racing is embracing the modern evils of online technology to bring the sport of kings to the masses rather than […]

How To Make Money On & Off The Track is a unique online horse racing game where players can own, train, and race their own stable of virtual horses. There is more to racing virtual horses online than what meets the eye, as some enterprising players have discovered, because there is money to be made both on and off the tracks at […]

Valentine’s Goes Digital at has put a fun digital twist on Valentine’s Day. They realize that Valentine’s Day has become an extortionate moneymaking opportunity, which obliges people to spend money they can’t afford, to prove to the one person who married them for richer or poorer, that they still love them. Real love doesn’t require expensive gifts, public […]

How the sexes battle to find the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day!

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell Retailers love Valentine’s Day because nothing says I love you better than when you put your money where your mouth is. Unfortunately, while the best things in life are free, as the saying goes, Valentine’s Day isn’t one of them unless you write it on the front of your credit card. Shopping […]

$1,000 Candy Coated Easter Races

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell   Americans love Easter candy so much that national retailers are doubling their floor space to meet their demand for Easter treats. According to the National Confectioner’s Association, Americans ate 7 billion pounds of candy last year; including 700 million marshmallows, 12 pounds of chocolate per person and enough jellybeans to circle […]

Hey Santa! Get with the Christmas program!

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell Dear Santa, Christmas is just around the corner and after 364 days of me just giving, giving, giving it’s about time I got something too for a change. I don’t expect much but I do expect something decent. On that note, I want something store bought, none of that homemade crap your […]

Better than a Superfecta!

You know you’re living in the future when your smartphone replaces everything from your MP3 to your GPS and you’re watching horses racing online, because thanks to, the sport of kings has gone digital and its coming to you online home through streaming video.Remember when presidents promised a chicken in every pot and a […]

Three ways to really spoil your Dad (or yourself) on Father’s Day!

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell Dad deserves more than soap on a rope for Father’s Day. There’s plenty on offer in and around Johannesburg, from collector’s art, indulgent spas, luxurious breakfasts to gourmet dinners paired with fine wines, and maybe even a drive through a game farm! The worst presents to get includes, but not limited to, […]

Interview with Justine Drake, editor for Fresh Living magazine, on The Food Cops with Radio Today.

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell Interview with Justine Drake, Editor Fresh Living Magazine  I interviewed Justine Drake, editor for Fresh Living magazine and director for South African Taste Festivals, to explain how she produces Pick n Pay’s in-house magazine, how it evolved, what inspires their content and how much freedom Pick n Pay allows Justine to create […]

Edward Chamberlain-Bell: What to eat, where to go & who to know!

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell Situated in the heart of Sandhurst, The Oak Leaf restaurant is a tranquil haven for you and your family. Memories being made at the Oak Leaf Restaurant makes those special occasions just that much better. They offer a mouth watering selection of contemporary lunch meals with a wide spread choice of decadent […]

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