New World Class Art Gallery Opens in Gauteng

Chef Chantel Darntall Restaurant Mosaic JoziStyle Edward Chamberlain-Bell (1)

The world’s largest collection of works by the pre-eminent South African impressionist Adriaan Boshoff was unveiled recently in a breathtaking new art museum dedicated to the artist’s life and paintings.

The Adriaan Boshoff Museum, situated in the grounds of the Francolin Conservancy, home of the luxurious Orient Hotel and the multi-award-winning Restaurant Mosaic, was officially opened at the weekend by Cobus du Plessis, the CEO of APBCO and Legacy Underwriting Managers – owners of the museum, along with Mari Dartnall, the custodian of the museum and special guest Professor Alexander Duffey, who heads up the Department of UP Arts which is responsible for the Museums, Theatre, Concerts and Art Exhibitions at the University of Pretoria.

Although there are a number of large collections globally, it is estimated that the Adriaan Boshoff Museum with its 140 paintings grouped according to themes has the largest collection of his works in the world.

When complete, the museum complex will house more than 500 works of art that will be on permanent display, including pieces from Alexander Rose-Innes, Gregoire Boonzaier, Robert Gwelo Goodman, Terence McCaw, Hugo Naudé and Frans Oerder amongst other. Various sculptures and ceramics will also be exhibited at the museum, alongside more contemporary artists such as Hennie Niemann Snr., Conrad Theys and Lynn-Marie Eatwell.

The elegance of the architectural style of the museum itself is enhanced by cooling fountains, geometric designs and floral motifs with a Moorish influence. The classical Persian architecture of the building incorporates the distinctive use of repeating patterns, keyhole-shaped arches, weighty wooden doors adorned with delicate metalwork and courtyards with lush gardens and fountains.

The museum’s elegant fittings and finishes were hand selected and patiently imported from around the world over a number of years, with every small and intricate detail carefully considered and planned to perfection. The result is a magnificent museum and gallery that appeals to the eye and the senses.

Members of the public can only visit the gallery by prior arrangement, but guests staying overnight at The Orient or dining at award-winning Chef Chantel Dartnall’s acclaimed Restaurant Mosaic, will have the exclusive opportunity to stroll through this world-class venue to view a feast of fabulous art at leisure.

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