Neeta Raga-D explores creativity in everything through her blog Love Art

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Love Art by Neeta is a Creative Lifestyle blog showcasing travel, beauty, wellness, & entertainment. Neeta believes that everything that surrounds us, is a work of art, we are surrounded by creativity, that’s how the name Loveartbyneeta came to Life.

Neeta’s writing has been featured in local newspapers, magazines and featured on numerous radio stations.

Why did you start your blog?
I started my blog as I was inspired to write and share experiences on my experiences. My blog Loveartbyneeta began in 2015, the name derived from my background in art and design as well as the aesthetics industry, where I learnt beauty exists in everything, be it a glass of wine, travel, a meal, everything can be interpreted as art.

Your growth has been stratospheric – did you ever think you would become so big – and when did you know you were making a name for yourself?
I’m deeply grateful for the growth of my audience, it only sank in as brands started recognizing my work, partnerships were formed. As well as persons approaching me to attend amazing events.

What excites you when visiting a restaurant? Favourite foods?
Decor is the most important when visiting a restaurant, the look and feel, cleanliness, and of course the food!

Favorite foods:
Indian food
Mexican food

What turns you off when visiting a restaurant? Least favourite foods?
Cleanliness is everything! Can’t tolerate sloppy staff, and bad service!

Least enjoy bland and boiled foods, food that lacks flavour, not a fan of overcooked pasta or risotto, that’s an epic fail.

What top 5 restaurants would you recommend everyone has to try?

    • Saint – the pizza the ambience great wine list and sommeliers to pair your wines with your meal.
    • Marble – the ambience and the flavorful cuisine, they cater well for pescatarians.
    • Aarya – Indian cuisine that’s delicious And just hits the spot!
    • Gemelli – pasta is amazing, the wine list is great, perfect for meetings and a quick lunch.
    • Lupa osteria – pasta and pizza, relaxed fun vibey environment.

Are you a good cook – and what’s your favourite dish to make at home?
I’m so grateful Kalpesh can cook as it takes the pressure off on the weekends, I enjoy making healthy meals, prawn pasta, served with garlic bread, salads and a good curry!

What’s your guilty foodie pleasure that you’d never admit to …
My guilty pleasure has to be dessert, I have an incredibly sweet tooth, on the lookout for healthier options always, it has to be an amazing slice of cake with chocolate, of course, that is my sheer indulgent moments.

What is the biggest misconception people have about your social media profiles?
The biggest misconception people have is my opinion, I often get misinterpreted, this can spiral out of control unless you know me you don’t really know me!

What advice would you give to anyone who wants to become the next biggest foodie influencer?
Advice for foodies, bloggers and influencers, you have to be passionate about what you are writing about, being sociable is a big plus, being authentic to yourself and your audience.

Last Question: What would be your last supper?
Last supper would be wood-fired pizza with a glass of bubbly.

Visit www.loveartbyneeta.co.za.

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