Review: Mzansi Ballet’s The ABBA Show at at Pieter Toerien’s Montecasino Theatre

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I don’t think anyone enjoyed Mzansi Ballet’s #TheABBAshow more than I did!

The production is a winning trifecta featuring the music of Abba, the beauty of ballet, and the ballsy humour of Cathy Specific It is three shows in one that will appeal to everyone young and old.

ABBA fans will love that the show includes the group’s earliest and latest hits and are cleverly chosen to fit the Cinderella storyline instead of forcing the ballet against an ABBA soundtrack. Expect an upbeat mix of pop, rock, disco, orchestral, original material, and live renditions. ABBA would be proud to see and hear how their music is presented.

Shana Dewey is sublime as Cinderella while Michael Revie is tangibly douchey as her wicked step-father. Prince Charming literally defies gravity. I thought the ugly sisters struck a tantalising balance between their comedic villainy and their artful dance. There is a lot to appreciate when all the dancers are on stage – pay attention to all the dancers, especially when they are performing in the background.

Opening night cast The ABBA Show:

Cinderella – Shana Dewey
Prince Fernando – Marlon Ramse Frometa Ballester
Step sisters
Nora – Claire Lecuona
Hilda – Veronica Louw
Step father – Michael Revie

The fabulous Cathy Specific threatens to out-stage everyone whenever she is on stage. Her larger than life presence is a commanding one that I imagine forces the dancers to raise their game unless they want to dance in Cathy’s shadow. She is obviously a star in her own right but she’s not an intentional scene-stealer because ballet is about the company and not the diva.

Special mention for the costumes which range from the gaudy seventies disco to the power padded eighties and princess perfection. Someone had more fun than the Devil Wears Prada paying homage to ABBA’s eccentric fashion choices.

Audience participation adds another dimension to the show, so, accept the challenge to dress up and either face your Waterloo or be a Dancing Queen!

Highlights: I loved every second of The ABBA Show.

Lowlights: Seriously?

It is #fABBAulous!

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  1. Anonymous

    Oh WOW!!! Absolutely loved it! It was beautiful and unexpectedly funny.
    Lots of great talent in the show!!
    Thank you Mzanzi Ballet 😍

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