MyMastery is available across South Africa and on the African continent

The brand-new online learning, video-on-demand subscription platform, “MyMastery” is available across South Africa and on the African continent. Launched in February 2022, MyMastery offers exclusive lessons across a variety of skills and disciplines under the tutorage of South African instructors whose life experiences and the knowledge they have gained in their particular field of expertise means subscribers learn from the best in their industry! MyMastery is the only local online learning platform where you can learn on-demand, in your own time, with exclusive video access to selected individual and often iconic “masters” in a structured curriculum.

Entertain. Inspire. Educate. The “MyMastery” mantra is the basis of every workshop hosted by luminaries such as President of Business Unity SA, author and the powerhouse behind many major SA companies Bonang Mohale (ethical leadership and strategy); award-winning recording artist, singer and actress, Lira (The art of performance); popular leading comedian, writer and award-winning stage performer, Marc Lottering (Storytelling and comedy); CNBC cryptocurrency host and global thought leader, Ran Neuner (Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin); healthy living advocate and fitness instructor, Steve Uria (Fitness and wellness) and human behavioural specialist, Catriona Boffard, (Sex and intimate connection); sales “guru” Mark Keating (Sales and the art of persuasion) and fashion icon, David Tlale (Fashion design). Later this month, seasoned entrepreneur and Chartered Accountant (SA), Andile Khumalo (Spirit of Entrepreneurship) joins the MyMastery stable with South African-born Swiss professional explorer and adventurer, Mike Horn (Adventure and Exploration) joining in June.

The COVID-19 pandemic greatly influenced the increased demand for online learning impacting the exponential growth of Online learning across Africa to become an alternate means of delivering education across all age groups. “We want to inspire and provide ordinary South Africans with access to some of our most well-known and successful masters, by gaining a behind-the-scenes learning experience, at an affordable price” says Richard Rayne, Chief Executive Officer, MyMastery. With over 20 years experience in the online and adult educational business spectrums, Rayne identified the opportunity for a platform such as MyMastery to best serve the need to inspire and educate people within the African context.

New MyMastery classes are added monthly. On average, classes comprise 12 lessons each consisting of approximately 13 minutes taught by each individual instructor. Lessons include insights, guidelines and where applicable, demonstrations. Subscribers receive access to downloadable workbooks, offline viewing (via the MyMastery app) and access for up to five devices. Content viewing is via mobile, desktop, or tablet and is compatible with Android and iOS apps. If data is a concern, then users are encouraged to make use of the app and select which lessons they would like to download on Wi-Fi and view later at their leisure. The addition of multi-language subtitles (English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa and isiZulu) is currently in progress.

Create your MyMastery account and sign up today on www.mymastery.tv for your all-access pass to the voices, minds and experiences of some of this country’s most influential game-changers. The monthly subscription from only R295 per month includes all classes. This contract is automatically renewed unless cancelled (at any time) by the user. The Single Class subscription costs R495 per class for a full 12-month period. MyMastery gift cards are available and MyMastery offers various volume-based discount packages for businesses.

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