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What do you love about Jozi?
Having lived in Cape Town for my whole life, I am surprised at how Capetonians think of and deprecate Jozi.

What do you do in Jozi?
I am a wine and food commentator. I write and broadcast about wine. I am a regular Instagrammer. Sometimes grab a pizza for lunch from the Monkey Fountain Nursery in Linden. Fine, fine Pizzas.

Are you a morning or evening person?
Evening. I find getting up in the morning very hard. I also write better in the late afternoon and early evening, glass of iced Tio Pepe Sherry in my hand.

Describe a typical or ideal day in your life?
In the morning after breakfast, I check Facebook for birthdays and send messages to loved ones. I go through Twitter posts in event of one which might need an answer. Then deal with emails, I get way too many! Then I write, make Podcasts and Instagram Videos [old dog learning new tricks during Covid]

What makes someone a Jozi Styler?
The women in the Northern Suburbs wear Black with gold jewellery and drive large SUVs. People tend to be well dressed.

How do you spend your weekends in Jozi?
Much the same as I spend a weekday, though with a lighter heart. Seldom do we go out.

What’s your favourite season in Jozi?
I love all four. Perhaps Spring with all the wonder of the flowering Jacarandas and the way the seasons are more defined.

Your number one reason for people to visit Jozi?
Great food, wonderful places to stay and things to do.

Michael Olivier JoziStyle
The Westcliff Four Seasons Hotel

Your favourite hotel in Jozi for a #Staycation?
The Four Seasons in Westcliff.

Your favourite holiday spot outside Jozi?

Your favourite restaurant in Jozi?
The Grill House in Rosebank. For casual meals, breakfasts, Oregano in Linden. Superb bakes, and lovely people. And Japa in Sandton, truly excellent food and excellent Covid precautions. Your food is brought to a side table so that your waiter does not have to approach you.

Describe yourself as a cocktail?
Something classical, a Negroni?

Favourite spot for sundowners with friends?
Home. We have an eclectic wine collection that we love to share with friends.

Describe your ideal date night in Jozi?
Early out, early home. My bride of 44 years is my perfect partner. Sushi, Prawns, Steak? And a bottle of brilliant wine.

What do you do to relax in your spare time?
Love reading. Love classical music. Though it usually turns out to be cookery books I read. Love writing for no reason, just to explore language and use of words. I have just published my 6th book, so setting out the content for the next one.

Michael Olivier JoziStyle
Michael is reading Crazy Water Pickled Lemons by Diana Henry.

What’s on my bedside table?
Crazy Water Pickled Lemons by Diana Henry.

Michael Olivier JoziStyle
Parmesan cheese. Image by Ilva Beretta.

Five things you will always find in my fridge are…
Wine, real Parmesan Cheese, good Cheddar, cream, fresh vegetables.

At home I like to cook…
Comfort food, casseroles, virtually never anything sweet. Modernising heritage dishes.

My guilty food pleasures are… 
Good chocolate. Fruit Chutney Potato Chips. Shortbread.


Michael Olivier JoziStyle
Michael’s new book Friends. Food. Flavour will be available mid-October.


Visit www.michaelolivier.co.za.

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