Indulge In Magnum on the Rocks, Magnum Martini, Magnum Espresso, Magnum Milkshake and Magnum Shot!

Magnum Cream Liqueur, created from the finest Single Malt Scotch Whisky from Benriach Distillery and real Dutch cream, is a luxurious cream liqueur with delicious hints of caramel, chocolate and rich toffee. Delectably rich, smooth and creamy with an alcohol content of 17%, Magnum Cream is a uniquely indulgent drinking experience; the gentle glow of whisky lingering on the palate as the cream gradually melts away. Distinctively packaged in a stylish reusable stainless steel flask with screw-top and handles, Magnum Cream is widely available nationally at liquor retailers, the 1-litre flask retailing for approximately R129 and the 750ml flask at ±R109. Served chilled, this is an ideal drink for after-dinner sipping. Best enjoyed poured over crushed ice or on the rocks, but it also makes a mean Martini, an exquisite espresso, a marvelous milkshake and a smashing shot.

Magnum on the Rocks
2 Shots Magnum Cream Liqueur™
Pour over ice.

Magnum Martini
2 Shots Magnum Cream Liqueur™
2 Parts Milk
Chocolate syrup to taste
Shake over ice and pour into martini glass.

Magnum Espresso
1 ½ Shots Magnum Cream Liqueur™
1 Shot Espresso

Magnum Milkshake
2 Shots Magnum Cream Liqueur™
1 Scoop vanilla ice cream
Chocolate syrup to taste
Blend vigorously to smooth consistency.

Magnum Shot
2 Shots Magnum Cream Liqueur™
Shake over ice and pour into shot glass.

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