Madonna Subverts Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Madonna’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was ironic considering her musical genre has always been decidedly pop.

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By Edward Chamberlain-Bell

The very existence of pop is an anathema to any hardcore rocker and yet they’ve welcomed the Queen of Pop no less into their fold. Talk about selling out. Pop by its very definition is a celebration of all things popular with wide ranging commercial appeal. Nobody has pursued this ideal with more vigor and determination than the one who calls herself the Material Girl. It is the antithesis of rock music which has always rebelled against the conventions set by society’s standards. To a rocker, calling pop music the watered-down version of rock music would be an insult worse than accusing their own of being a sell-out. And yet, they’ve welcomed the Queen of Pop.

Madonna may rebel against the establishment but her eye is always firmly fixed on the bottom line. There’s no point in making a subversive statements unless you stand to profit from them. That’s not a criticism of Madonna, in facts it quite admirable. It shows gustiness and entrepreneurialism at its best. She’s not here to fight anyone’s battles but her own and she does so beautifully. Maybe that’s why she was inducted. She rocks.

But for Madonna to accept anything gracefully would be uncharacteristic. Instead, not only does she refuse to grace her benefactors with a live performance but instead she parades their poster-boy, like a dancing monkey, doing what only she can do best. It makes one wonder which one is the rocker and which is the sellout.

Talk about the embarrassment quotient rising alongside the amusement factor.

Madonna certainly looked amused.

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