Winners of our Liquid Smoke Promotion Packs @liquidSmokeSA

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Congratulations to the following winners of our Liquid Smoke Promotion Packs!

Michael Gibbons won hands down for so many creative uses for Liquid Smoke:

1: A trio of prawns marinaded in some liquid smoke. I’ve never tried it before (obviously because I’ve never used liquid smoke) but I think this could work: a smokey prawn bisque, grilled prawns & a revamped version of an avocado ritz using liquid smoke for the prawns 7 mayo.

2: Some red meat! A manly fillet roasted in rub made with coffeegrounds and Liquid smoke – served with a mushroom & red-wine jus infused with more liquid smoke, I love freshly ground coffee so adding some more earth smokiness can only work wonders.

3: Dessert – everything with smoke – a pecan pie with smoke infused pastry and the smoke infused pecan filling, served with a scoop of whisky & Liquid smoke flavoured ice-cream and drizzle of smoke flavoured syrup. Garnished with three drops of Liquid smoke on the plate for decoration.

It was a difficult choice narrowing the list down but Anne Conley & Sharon Armstrong won the other two Liquid Smoke Promotion Packs.

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We’ve emailed the winners for delivery details.

Thank you to everyone for entering, congratulations to the winners, and an especially big thank you to Byron Parsons for the generous Liquid Smoke Promotion Packs!

The JoziStyle Team

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