September is the month of KIMCHI! #DineJoziStyle @FermentedCo


Join ‘The Cultured’ for their workshops with fermentation expert Che, taste creator at Che Gourmet.


You will engage in exciting interactive demonstrations looking into Kimchi and other fermented condiments and vegetables, in-depth discussions on fermented foods and gut health, and enjoy delicious tasters.

Kimchi is a spicy relish-like side dish which is a staple of Korean cuisine. This naturally fermented dish offers an interesting insight into food as a part of culture, and how that food item changes as it is introduced or adapted in other parts of the world. The most common kimchi has a base of cabbage and typically includes radishes and onions, and seasoned with salt, chilli and garlic. Much of the asserted health benefits of kimchi, and fermented foods, in general, come as a result of these microorganisms.

Fermented & Che Gourmet present a Kimchi Workshop.

Join Che Gourmet’s taste creator and South Africa’s Kimchi Queen, Che Upton, for an interactive workshop that explores the wondrous world of kimchi, fermented Tomato Sauce, Salsa, Hot Sauce, Mustard, Gherkins, Carrots & Onions. The event is a showcase for small business and entrepreneurial ventures. The intention is to give local producers a podium to shine on and give exposure to the wonderful fermented world still yet to be discovered by many.

Che Gourmet Test Kitchen, Boskruin
7 September 2019 3PM

Tickets are R300 – and limited, so get yours today at Quicket.co.za.

Visit www.fermented.co.za.

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