Kate Goetz & Edward Chamberlain-Bell have become rabid devotees of TheLocal Grill, The Rand Club and WhiskAway Ice Cream.

(L-R): Karien Van Emmenes (WhiskAway Ice Cream and Sorbet) Edward Chamberlain-Bell (Host); Steve Maresh (The Local Grill); Amanda Masondo (Host); Kate Goetz (Host) and David Williams (Rand Club).

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell

Sound Bites brought to listeners by The Food Cops is broadcast on Saturdays from 12h00 to 13h00 (GMT+2). Radio Today (@Radio2Day) broadcasts on 1485 AM in Johannesburg and country-wide on DStv audio channel 869. Stream: http://bit.ly/ZlO4VA and 1485.mobi. Radio Today! Radio that delivers.

Sound Bites with Edward Chamberlain-Bell believes that The Local Grill is reminiscent of the local butcher. Their menu is unadorned and the emphasis is on natural, “field to fork”, wholesome and preservative-free ingredients. The beef is aged on the premises, and diners are informed of the length of the ageing process – via display on the blackboard. The beef is cut to order, rubbed (steaks are seasoned with a blend of freeze dried herbs and spices) and finally brushed with salted butter while grilling. This method allows for the perfect infusion of flavours between steak and rub. The main dishes are served with either shoestring fries, pap and braai relish or mash and beef jus. www.localgrill.co.za Kate Goetz & Edward Chamberlain-Bell have become rabid devotees.

Rand Club was different from many of the great clubs established abroad in the second half of the 19th century because of the turbulent social, political and financial background of Johannesburg. The fact is that Rand Club originated at the centre of what became the greatest gold field the world has ever seen, filled with a cosmopolitan and colourful population, people of all nationalities, all drawn to the Transvaal by the glamour of gold and the dreams of fortune. It goes without saying that Kate Goetz & Edward Chamberlain-Bell have become shameless devotees! www.randclub.co.za

WhiskAway Ice Cream and Sorbet discovered a love for making ice creams and sorbets. Their range of luxury, artisan products are all handmade, and free from artificial additives. Unique flavours, exclusivity and personal service are what WhiskAway is all about, as well as the desirable option of custom flavours on demand. Their products are available at the HazelFoodMarket every Saturday, PLUS they deliver directly. Edward raves about their strawberry & basil sorbet but complains he needs to go to extra gym classes and WhiskAway Anonymous because of www.facebook.com/WhiskAwayIC !!! Some people are never pleased but Edward says to try their Cashew&Caramel Ice Cream, Triple Chocolate Ice Cream, Honeycomb Cheesecake Ice Cream, Brownies&Cream Ice Cream and I-SCREAMOUTLOUD Ice Cream (Berries&Bubbly)- and expect seconds!!! www.facebook.com/WhiskAwayIC

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