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Edward Chamberlain-Bell JoziStyle


What do you love about Jozi?
I love the energy of Jozi. JoziStylers have an energy about them that I’ve never experienced elsewhere.


What do you do in Jozi?
I am JoziStyle!


Are you a morning or evening person?
Definitely an evening person unless I’ve been awake all night.


Describe a typical or ideal day in your life?
Before COVID, life was a whirlwind of media events and launches. I never knew where I was going but I knew I had to be somewhere. I inevitably arrived late and left early. In retrospect, I don’t know where I found the time or energy.

Since COVID I network and collaborate online. I don’t do “Zoom launches” (an oxymoron of note!) because I am the worst kind of media cliche who expects bubbly upon arrival and a goodie bag upon departure. Nowadays, budgets are tight and everyone is concerned about social distancing, so I am grateful that I can maintain a digital presence while working from home.


How do you spend your weekends in Jozi?
As leisurely as possible. I make a conscious effort to keep my weekends for myself.


What’s your favourite season in Jozi?
I love the rainy seasons- which, in Jozi, can also mean summer!


Your number one reason for people to visit Jozi?
Diversity. Jozi has something for everyone from local heritage sites to designer pop-up shops. There may be huge wealth disparities in our city but people are proud of their culture. Johannesburg is a very sociable city and welcomes visitors with open arms. Yes, we have crime- but, name one world-class city that doesn’t!



Munro Boutique Hotel TravelJoziStyle Edward Chamberlain-Bell
The multiple award-winning Munro Boutique Hotel situated in the heart of Johannesburg.


Your favourite hotel in Jozi for a #Staycation?
The Munro Boutique Hotel because they appreciate privacy over publicity. Spectacular views, exquisite cuisine, and the epitome of luxury.


Your favourite holiday spot outside Jozi?
Cape Town. I love the beach, I love the food, and I love the wine.



Clico’s four-course and six-course tasting menus are an exceptional dining experience.


Your favourite restaurant in Jozi?
Er, I don’t pick favourites for professional reasons, but … Clico Restaurant for more reasons than I care to mention. Clico was also my first choice to host a #DineJoziStyle when I appeared on Come Dine With Me.



DineJoziStyle Edward Chamberlain-Bell
Shaken, not stirred, Double Oh JoziStyle!


Describe yourself as a cocktail?


Favourite spot for sundowners with friends?
Anywhere with friends is a good spot for sundowners in Jozi. Jozi’s mixologists take pride in creating their signature drinks.


Describe your ideal date night in Jozi?
Two nights in a fabulous hotel where I don’t have to cook, clean, or make my bed is my ideal date night.


A #SpaJoziStyle indulgence at Valley Lodge & Spa


What do you do to relax in your spare time?
Breathe. Meditate. Spa.

‘Do’ is a verb that requires action and effort- which is the opposite of relaxation, but I can close my eyes for 10 seconds and just meditate on my breath. I love yoga, and consider spas a necessity, not a luxury.


JoziStyle Edward Chamberlain-Bell (3)


What makes someone a JoziStyler?
Anyone whose attitude matches the vibrant energy of Jozi!


Why is JoziStyle relevant?
I work with great publicists and brands who help me to create topical content for my followers. JoziStyle has never been about me, it’s always been about JoziStylers.


Any advice for bloggers/influencers?

  • Be passionate about everything that you do- or just don’t do it. It shows.
  • Be professional. Deliver more than expected and remember that publicists have bosses too.
  • Express yourself. Expect bigger, better, and more. Say yes, say no, say something.
  • Don’t gossip. Don’t whine. Don’t buy fake followers.
  • Be JoziStyle.


What makes a JoziStyle collaboration unique? 
I need to be passionate about a brand or see value in it for my followers. There needs to be an alignment and excitement. Collaborations are about leveraging everyone’s strengths so I need to work with people who appreciate what I do and the value that I offer. I love collaborating with other bloggers/influencers if we complement each other without losing our individuality. #DineJoziStyle, #TravelJoziStyle, #SpaJoziStyle or #FrontRowWithJoziStyle, would never have been so successful without the incredible support and collective contributions of everyone involved.


Who are you interviewing in your #JoziStylers #PeopleofJozi interviews?
I am interviewing people who have influenced the cultural landscape of Jozi. They have made a significant contribution to Jozi, they have influenced me, and they deserve to be acknowledged and appreciated. JoziStyle has always been about celebrating the best of Jozi- and I want to celebrate people who personify that ethos.


Your blog?

My blog is here!

Thank you for commenting and sharing. That makes you a #JoziStyler!

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