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The world is beseiged with many problems; it always has been and probably will always be, but that you can change that today with a simple act of kindness.

Your patience may already be worn thin with endless demands for your limited resources: Your boss wants more time, the government wants more money, charities want your support, and you probably have a famly that wants more of you. JoziStyle appreciates that we’ve all reached a point where we want to scream that enough is enough- it’s time for me!

And, you can trust us when we say that we love “me time”, but the fact is that life is not going to be a better place unless we became the change that we make it a better place for all of us. We don’t mean to mix metaphors, sound preachy, or misquote Michael Jackson and Mahatma Gandhi in the same sentence, but the truth is that you can make a substantial contribution towards improving the lives of others simply by performing a random act of kindness. if you can make just one small random act of kindness gesture, without expecting any personal reward, you will find that the gesture is the reward itself.

Okay, what’s with the constant “random act of kindness’ schpiel that we’re on about? #RAK15
It’s a movement started by Brent Lindeque in 2014 who believes that one small act of kindness will make a big difference to someone else. He was inspired by the reckless drinking game #neknominations to perform a random act of kindness instead of getting trashed. His gesture was small buy profound. He bought a homeless man a meal that only cost R20 meal and encouraged his social media connections to follow suit. His random act of kindness didn’t just go global, it went viral!

Brent’s RAK nomination in 2014 was viewed by over 780,000 people, and this year he wants to reach over 1000,000 people. Performing a RAK is relatively effortless because all you have to do is perform one random act of kindness, videotape it, and share it online while nominating someone else to pay it forward. Not everyone has the time, money or resources to support a worthy cause, but everyone can contribute something.

It can be as simple as a small business donating their surplus stock to a worthy cause before nominating their suppliers to do the same. Money is always a welcome donation, but you could also donate an hour of your time towards helping a community project.Sometimes the smallest RAK can be the most appreciated- boost somebody’s confidence with a sincere compliment about how much they mean to you, pay for a stranger’s coffee at a restuarant (and tell the waiter to hash-tag their receipt #RAK15, or just take a look at your natural gifts and decide to share them with someone who will appreciate them.

So what is JoziStyle going to do in support of the #RAK15 challenge?

Firstly, like most people, we also have a limited budget, limited resources, and limited time, but #JoziStylers aren’t apathetic about challenges because we find solutions where other people make excuses.

JoziStyle has a radio & blogging platform that we will use to promote #RAK15.
JoziStyle will use those platforms to support a new charity every month for a year.
JoziStyle is going to encourage every #Jozistyler to support #RAK15 in their own way.

Our simplest RAK to date was giving our R4 discount coupon from Pick ‘n Pay to the customer standing behind us. It was only R4, she didn’t look like she needed R4, but her smile was priceless. She doesn’t know who we are, but she knows that she has to pay it forward.

Today we used our radio show on Radio Today Johannesburg to challenge our listeners to get involved with #RAK15 before they get nominated. Our studio guest, Denise Bjorkman, willingly accepted the challenge by offering to take people suffering from cerebral palsy ice-skating. It sounds like an odd RAK choice but Denise explained that many people suffering from cerebral palsy enjoy freedom of movement on ice that they don’t experience on land. JoziStyle co-host Barbara Gillman’s was enthusiastic about using the challenge to support people with Down’s Syndrome.

Neither ladies needed a reason to support causes that are close to their heart, but the #RAK15 challenge gave them an opportunity. They also challenged their sons to complete a RAK of their own. I am going to use the #RAK15 challenge as an opportunity to support a new charity each month, and support them for a year. And probably for the continuing years too.

Now, post is a classic example of a RAK. It didn’t cost me any money, it didn’t take too much time to write, and it certainly wasn’t an imposition, but simply by promoting #RAK15 on my blog I have accepted and completed a #RAK15 challenge, which thereby allows me to make a RAK challenge of my own. And it is –

JoziStyle challenges all bloggers to blog about #RAK15 at least once- and promote one cause that they feel passionate about supporting.

Bloggers have the power of words to persuade people to support a cause or make a change in their thoughts, words, deeds and actions. You don’t need to do anything to support #RAK15 except the power of your words to inspire your readers to do something that is capable within their power.

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