Jeunesse donates $500,000 to COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO!

Jeunesse JoziStyle

Jeunesse JoziStyle

As the world faces the unprecedented health challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jeunesse aims to make a positive impact, knowing that no one can fight the pandemic alone.

Jeunesse is uniting with companies across all industries and sectors, as well as individuals, to respond to this global outbreak by contributing to the World Health Organisation’s COVID-19 solidarity Response Fund.

Through their nonprofit Jeunesse Kids™, they have donated $500,000 USD. The World Health Organisation (WHO) is using the funds to lead and coordinate the global effort to prevent, detect, and respond to the pandemic.

Donations enable WHO and its partners to help all countries respond to COVID-19, especially where the needs are greatest.

The support includes:
Tracking and understanding the spread of the virus.
Ensuring patients get the care they need, and frontline workers get essential supplies and information.

Visit www.jeunesseglobal.com.

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