Investment & Retirement Expo Speaks to Pressing Needs of South African @retirementexpo

Retirement Investment Expo

The typical South African has one of two responses to the subject of retirement – I’m too
young to worry about that now, and I haven’t done enough, now I get stressed just thinking
about retirement.

These responses are in turn indicative of two key facts regarding retirement. Most people
don’t in fact start planning early enough, and most don’t make sufficient provision for their

This fact is born out by Investment & Retirement Expo sponsor The Efficient Group. The
company reveals that only 5% of the South African population makes adequate provision for
their retirement and 45% of pensioners believe they will run out of money during retirement.
If this proves anything, then it’s that now, more than ever, South Africans of all ages need the
Investment & Retirement Expo to set them on the path to building a successful life plan that
will sustain and reward them from first pay-check to last pay-out.

According to The Efficient Group, 30% of Retirement Annuity policyholders don’t
understand product structures or taxation implications. This demonstrates a clear and present
need for a forum where ordinary people can have complex concepts explained to them in
easy-to-understand terms.

The Investment & Retirement Expo will take place from 24 – 26 October at the Coca-Cola
dome. It is a place for savvy South Africans of all ages to come and unlock the secrets of
perfect planning for positive living, with rewards that start now and continue through

It’s true that the earlier you begin planning for retirement, the more richly rewarding and
secure that retirement will be. It’s also true that it’s better to start planning late than to never
plan at all. Regardless of where you fit in on that spectrum, the Investment & Retirement
Expo has the answers to the questions you’re longing to ask as well as answers to those you
never thought to ask.

Come learn how to plan while you live and play, and how to plan to live and play in your
retirement at the expo that puts the fun back into funds and takes the sting out of investing
and the tired out of retired!

The Investment & Retirement Expo is the expo for perfect planning, efficient investing,
positive living and healthy aging and a rewarding opportunity for companies and
organisations that offer products, knowledge and solutions to assist people of all ages to
accomplish their financial, health, personal, family and retirement goals.

Exhibits and interactive demonstrations inlcude:
 Investment, insurance and retirement planning
 Health, wellness, fitness and lifestyle solutions
 Real estate, properties, home and security products
 Travel destinations
 Retirement living and care products and services.

If you are interested in visiting, visit www.retirementexpo.co.za.

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