How To Make Money On & Off The Track

How To Make Money On & Off The Track is a unique online horse racing game where players can own, train, and race their own stable of virtual horses. There is more to racing virtual horses online than what meets the eye, as some enterprising players have discovered, because there is money to be made both on and off the tracks at Serious money whether you are an online gamer, horse racing enthusiast or someone who likes to mix business with pleasure.  It’s online at!

If you’re not already aware that is the world’s premier online virtual horse racing community, then here is everything you need to know about in a nutshell: grown men and women train and race their own horses against other players around the world for cash winnings. It is so well organized that each season lasting four months is sponsored in excess of $300,000.00; horses are handicapped according to age, sex and eligibility; and the Race Program even includes a Championship Series that showcases the best horses of the season racing for over $60,000 in prizes. But the piece de resistance is the 3D Raceviewer which simulates every race in full multicolor glory. might sound like child’s play but don’t underestimate it because virtual horse racing is serious business for online gamers and horse racing enthusiasts alike. Consider the highest earning horse of all time, appropriately named I Am The King, that won over nine championship races and $37,500. His closest rivals, Mass Destruction and Salary collected over $59,000 and 11 championship titles, which places them all on’s Hall of Fame for Highest Earning Colts. Let’s not overlook the prestige associated with owning one of the best virtual horses in the world, because in some virtual horse racing circles a man is only as good as the horses that he keeps- and no amount of money can measure up to that. But then again, you could also race the horse, win the championship titles, sell the horse and cash in your chips. Who said anything about not having your cake and eating it on And if there is one thing that every player respects it is the right to make an honest profit through virtual horse racing!

Shore Stables certainly made a tidy profit when he sold Miss Independence to Cepat Kaya for $2,026; as did Two Turned Barn when they sold Pool Party for $2,155; but the virtual horse racing community soon learnt that precedents were meant to be broken when Worldwater Stables outbid everybody by $2,400 for Captainamerica. Bearing in mind those are cash prices paid for virtual horses that only exist online, you cannot imagine what it means to own a champion virtual race horse until you actually race one. And one day you probably will.

Some people have sworn they’d never pay that kind of money for a virtual race horse, but then there are others who have asked how much you would pay for a virtual race horse, because ultimately money talks. While one cannot predict a horse’s earning potential, one can consider its training and racing histories before making an informed opinion about its investment potential. You win money by racing the horse, then there are the championship series which enjoy ludicrous sponsorships and prestige – plus there is the re-sale value.

Viranda certainly appreciates the value of resale – he sold three of his virtual horses for over $6,200. Ghozty bought all of them together. One couldn’t count all the horses that Ghozty has bought through’s online auction, but of the twenty most expensive horses in the history of, Ghozty has bought eight of them, for the nominal price of $21,700. Ghozty also enjoys selling his horses, but his biggest purchase was the incredible $5,450 he dropped to secure Dan’s Defiant.

Horses that need no introduction include Vindexus, Quiet Serenity, Rule The Air and Irish Cream who sold for $3,000 plus. If they didn’t make a name for themselves by winning a championship, it’s because they made more money just by racing everyday races. Not every horse needs to be a champion to be considered valuable – they just need to be profitable at any cost.

Sometimes the scandalous prices paid for a virtual horse defies logic, but you know when Dallashargiestable paid $5,884 for Deadly Quiet in 2007 it wasn’t intended to go unnoticed. Their record breaking bid generated the kind of excitement in the virtual horse racing community usually reserved for rock stars and Triple Crown championship winners. The enigmatic Deadly Quiet finished fifth in the Hall of Fame after earning an excessive $27,000 and 6 championship titles, including the Kentucky Derby Classic Championship, Saratoga Sprint Championship, Kentucky Derby Championship, Kentucky Derby Classic Championship, Triple Crown Sprint Championship and Juvenile Classic Championship. Interestingly, while over 100 virtual horses have been sold for over $1,000, they all have one thing in common- their original selling price was a modest $15.

Some were even free because your first horse on is always free, coupled with free racing silks to identify your stable and complimentary racing equipment to give your horse the winning edge in all of its races. But we would be amiss if we didn’t warn you how competitive virtual horse racing is- so start racing your horses in free races first until you are ready to go from virtual horse racing rookie to virtual horse racing champion!

Oh, by the way, your first horse at is free, and it can race in unlimited free races!

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