Hannon Moisture Seal is a girl’s new best friend!

Hannon Moisture Seal JoziStyle
Forget diamonds, Hannon Moisture Seal is a girl’s new best friend! Moisture Seal is a facial spray, and should be sprayed on directly after applying your make-up. It sets and seals your make-up for up to ten hours! It leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft and supple, and protects your skin from excess moisture loss. Moisture Seal works on the top layers of your skin, and with its firming action, it acts as a mini facelift! It provides radiance and a healthy glow that you will instantly see and feel!

One of the Moisture Seal’s key ingredients is light reflectors which makes the product appear blue in colour. These light reflectors settle into the lines and wrinkles of your skin, reflecting light and giving you an instant, more youthful looking skin. A must for any girl who is serious about looking her best all day long.

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