Grace Duckworth from Fat Cats Catering on Sound Bites with Edward Chamberlain-Bell on Radio Today Johannesburg.

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell

Discussing food trends for 2013. There aren’t many people better qualified to discuss food trends but Fat Cats Catering comes with a collective experience of over 20 years in the catering, fine dining and hotel industry both locally and internationally. They’re passionate and highly creative about creating a culinary adventure and a delight for the senses. Their mission is to produce and deliver creative, quality and innovative menu’s backed up with professional, punctual and polite service at competitive prices to suit the client’s dietary requirements.http://www.fatcatscatering.co.zafatcats@telkomsa.net

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@TheFoodCops – 19 Januray 2013 on @Radio2Day. Edward Chamberlain-Bell & Callan van Aswegen with Grace Duckworth from Fat Cats Catering @thewordofed.

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