Great wine makes memories – life’s too short to drink the same wine

In a country with no shortage of superb wine varietals, it would be remiss of any restauranteur to only offer the big-name brands. An avid wine drinker himself, Larry Hodes, owner of The Gourmet Grocer in Birdhaven is on a mission to find his customers the hidden gems, wines from the smaller farms, the uncommon blends, and rarer vintages.

Fast becoming the go-to spot for interesting and lesser-known vino, don’t be surprised if there are bottles you have never seen or heard of before. ‘It’s all part of the fun and the experience of buying a special bottle of wine for an occasion” says Larry. “If you take a unique bottle of wine to a dinner party or gift for a friend, it becomes a talking point and a lot more memorable than drinking the same wine at every opportunity.”

The Gourmet Grocer does not stock any of the well-known, more common wine farms. “Our wine selection boasts a wide variety of the best local boutique, non-commercial wines South Africa has to offer that you won’t find easily anywhere else. And it’s not just about making the purchase. We want our customers to discover and experience new wines with us by joining in our wine tastings and classes hosted by the various farmers” add Larry.

With wines stocked for all budgets, if you’re looking for something to write home about, the Gourmet Grocer is the place to go.

The Gourmet Grocer has also just launched a fab new menu with lovely Middle Eastern Options.

For more information call the Gourmet Grocer on 011 442 6965 or visit

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