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Girl Eat World, Kamini Pather’s ten-part round the world journey to discover how food is changing the world goes on air on Food Network across Europe, Middle East and Africa on May 15.

Harmony with a K. Repeat after me, “Harmony”. Now try it with a K. Say, “Kamini”. Did you say Harmony with a K there?
Kamini Pather

To celebrate Kamini’s round-the-world adventures, show producers Lucky Bean Media and Like Harmony are putting together a series of pop-up dinners at secret locations around Johannesburg. Each week diners can indulge their senses to taste, smell and savour the tastes and flavours that Kamini has brought back from her travels, as well as watch the episode before anyone else. With Kamini’s menu design and the skills of award-winning chef Arnold Tanzer at her side, the dinners promise to be a sensory journey of discovery that mirrors the journey of the episode itself.

Kamini is also the sole proprietor of the company Like Harmony, through which she trades under. Taking inception after her MasterChef SA win in September 2013, Like Harmony has collaborated with The Good Food And Wine Show, Woolworths Taste Magazine, Marie Clare, Volkswagen, Yuppiechef, GoodhopeFM, HeartFM, The Mercury and many corporate companies to host cooking demonstrations, give inspirational talks as well as form a food-related entertainment component to events.

Diners will have five dates to choose from, each reflecting a taste of a new city. Bookings can be made at www.girleatworld.tv

Girl Eat World Episode Synopses

Series Synopsis
Girl Eat World is a ten part travel show that takes MasterChef South Africa winner
Kamini Pather on a journey to discover the inside story of ten international food
destinations from the people who know them best; local food bloggers.

Kamini’s mission is to discover how food is changing the way we people think about
themselves and their city. With the local bloggers as her guide, she visits hidden
gems, quiet restaurants, bustling markets, swinging night spots, breweries, pop-up
dinners, cocktail bars, street stalls, and even finds time for some heart-racing
activities to keep her busy between meals! From Bangkok to Berlin, from Sydney to
Copenhagen, from delectable haute cuisine to exotic street food, Kamini eats as the
locals do, soaking up the history, culture and food story of each city. Along the way
she meets the people behind these food revolutions and makes new friends, proving
that no matter our differences, there are few things that bridge gaps between
cultures quite like food does!

Girl Eat World is an exciting food and travel adventure dedicated to good, honest
food, exhilarating travel and new friendships.

Kamini travels to Tokyo, Japan. On first impressions the city seems like a vision of the
future – neon facades, monorails, bullet trains, cyber fashion, an urban sprawl that
goes on forever, and a food culture that resembles an urbanized production line, cut
off from the natural environment.

But fortunately Kamini has a guide to help her uncover the true heart of the city:
Food blogger Tamiko Suzuki-Sakuma! Her blog Miss Fancy Pants is the cutest
collection of amazing food, eat-out tips and guides to looking and feeling great in the
city. Following a meeting with Tamiko she tastes the freshest sushi in a subway in
Shinjuku, samples fresh organic produce at the Aoyama Organic Market, fishes and
catches her own supper, discovers an urban honey farm amidst the grandeur of
high-rise Ginza, and dines on yakitori chicken and the most seasonal fresh produce
imaginable in the form of a renowned Yakitoria Hot Pot.

With Tamiko as her knowledgeable guide, Kamini discovers that far from being a city
cut off from the natural environment, Tokyo is a city that celebrates and reveres the
natural world through its food.

Sydney, Australia is a food city transformed from its once staid image of meat-andtwo-
veg into an international culinary destination. But how did this transformation
happen? Kamini ventures into the city to find out.

Her guide is renowned food blogger Billy Law, whose blog A Table for Two celebrates
Sydney’s diverse culinary landscape. Kamini starts at the Royal Botanical Gardens on
an Aboriginal bush tucker tour, before venturing to Harry De Wheels Pie Shop to
sample the British food tradition. The pair then head to Cabramatta to see and taste
the influence of a new wave of immigrants, including Vietnamese Kangaroo and a
South-East Asia-inspired fertilized duck egg! They also venture to China Town where
Malaysian culinary wonders await them at the famous Mamak Restaurant. Billy and
Kamini stop off at The Glenmore for a pint and a nibble of ubiquitous Aussie salt and
pepper squid, before heading off to sample the future of Australian cuisine at
Pinbone in Woollahra.

Kamini discovers that Sydney’s transformation has had everything to do with its
lively immigrant food culture and the new tastes a new generation of Sydneysiders
are adopting.

Kamini travels to Bangkok, Thailand, a city with food at its heart. From ancient
temples to hallowed waterways, Bangkok’s culinary tradition is on display on every
corner: rigid, recognizable and unchanging. Or is it?

Kamini’s guide to unpicking the mysteries of Thai cuisine is blogger Chawadee
Naulkair, whose blog Bangkok Glutton specializes in tracing and sampling the best
street fare on offer in the city. The two meet up at Somboon Seafood in Sarawong
to taste Chinese-inspired Crab Curry, and then head to the sprawling Klong Toey
Market and sample some of the weird and wonderful fresh produce on offer. The
Chinese influence on Thai cuisine is explored on Yeowarat Road, where Kamini learns
about the Chinese influence on a famous Thai dish. She also gets a lesson in modern
Thai street food in a comfortable setting at Soulfood Mahanakorn in Klongtunnau
Wattana. After a colourful visit to the Klong Ladmayom Floating Market, Kamini and
Chawadee get a taste of Thailand’s street food innovation with dinner and cocktails
in China Town.

Kamini discovers that Thai food, far from being rigid and unchanging, is constantly
evolving and taking on new influences.

Lima, Peru conjures images of the great Andes Mountains and the mystical Incas. In
recent times, though, its capital has gained a bad reputation. Kamini has come to the
city to find out what role food plays in a place described as a drug-trafficking, violent
and economically divided city.

Her guide is blogger and photographer Jimena Agois, whose blog Pizca d’Sal is a
magnificent collection of local recipes, gorgeous images and great food. Jimena and
Kamini sample ceviche fresh from the Pacific Ocean, and try out Japanese and
Argentinean fusion-inspired cuisine at Canta Rana, Lima’s most famous family
eatery. They also get a taste of Lima’s food truck culture and visit the No 1 Market in
Sequillo to see the exotic produce on offer. Along the way Kamini gets to
experience Lima from the air, attends an intimate traditional family lunch, tucks into
the Peruvian street specialty Anticuchos, and has a Pisco Cocktail to remember at
the famous Mantya Restaurante Bar.

Kamini finds that eating is the great uniting factor in Peru – bringing people together
in a celebration of friends, family and food.

Johannesburg, South Africa has gained an international reputation as a cesspit of
crime, lawlessness and inner city decay. Regardless, Kamini travels to the city to
discover how food is changing the way Johannesburgers think about their

Her guide is food blogger Jono Hall whose blog All You Can Eat for Free is a rambling
monologue about life, love, food and the occasional recipe. After a meet-up at the
well-known Neighbourgoods Market, Kamini and Jono travel to Soweto where they
taste the African delicacy of sheep’s head and Kamini takes a bungee jump off the
famous Orlando Towers! Continuing their African oddyssey they travel to the
misunderstood Yeoville where African immigrants are bringining colour to the inner
city through their food, and dresses up for a turn at The Wknd Social, a day party
with good food, great fashion and even better music! No trip to Johannesburg is
complete without a trip to Fordsburg, where the spicy flavours of the East are
sampled. Kamini rounds off her adventures with a visit to the Maboneng Precinct
where Jono’s Food Hall pop-up dinner is in full swing.

Kamini discovers a city starting to regenerate and reawaken to its own potential, all
brought about by food.

Kamini travels to Dubai in the UAE. Her first impressions? A man-made oasis where
money talks, from cars to fashion to food. But does this flashy city have an authentic

Fortunately Kamini has a guide to help her uncover Dubai’s true nature: local food
blogger Arva Ahmed. Her blog I Live in a Frying Pan shows a passion for old Dubai
street food and she also runs food tours that take visitors on journeys to unveil
tastes and flavours steeped in Middle Eastern traditions. The two visit the famous
Deira Fish Market for a taste of the Gulf, head out on a food tour tasting Arabic
cuisine, taste desert ice-cream and stuff themselves full of delectable kanafa. Kamini
also heads out on a 4×4 adventure where she learns the Bedouin art of eating in the
desert. She even has time for a night out with the girls, including a meal at the
renowned fusion eatery Qbara, and a game of table tennis on a gold table – in heels!

With Arva as her knowledgeable local guide, Kamini discovers that far from being a
city where opulence rules, the authentic heart of the city can be discovered through
its food culture, a culture at the epicentre of Middle Eastern cuisine.

Copenhagen is not only the coolest city in Scandinavia – it’s a city with a collective
dream. Kamini travels to Denmark’s capital to get a taste of sustainable living, an
approach that has permeated Danish culture from transport to food. But how
sustainable can Copenhagen stay in the face of a harsh Scandinavian winter?

The answer is in local food knowledge; host food blogger Mia Irene Kristensen is a
food scientist and anthropologist who utilises her scientific knowledge and skills for
gastronomy and cooking. Mia’s blog CPH Good Food is an incredible collection of
recipes and new approaches to cooking and eating that are trending in the city.

Kamini and Mia venture into the city to try smorrebrod, the national dish that is
getting a youthful reinvention, visit Grod, the world’s only porridge restaurant, check
out the fresh produce at Torvehallernek, go foraging for berries, make homemade
ice-cream with a twist of science and get to taste autumnal cocktails and cosy street
food in Copenhagen’s newest indoor market. Kamini even gets the opportunity to
help distribute fresh local and organic produce with a local food co-operative.

Kamini learns that even in the most barren of seasons, Copenhagen is a city that’s all
about local, sustainable and delicious!

Kamini travels to Berlin, Germany. Once uniquely divided, now a city that enjoys a
reputation as one of Europe’s most exuberant spaces. By all accounts it is a city alive
with creativity. But how has this creativity affected its food culture?

If Kamini is going to understand the creative culinary expression of the city, she
cannot ask for a better guide than Kavita Meelu, a well-known food activist whose
blog, Mothers Mother, celebrates a global immigrant food culture.

From the revival of traditional techniques like smoked fish in the Markthalle, to a
delicious misshapen vegetarian feast at Culinary Misfits, to combining art and food in
an immersive experience, Kamini discovers a city celebrating food as an art form.

She also discovers how immigrant food culture is merging with German traditions to
create dazzling new flavours, learns the history of the famous Donor Kebab, and
samples the famous Street Food Thursday market. If that wasn’t enough, Kamini
works up an appetite by going base-flying!

With Kavita at her side, Kamini discovers a city that is using food as creative
expression in ways she couldn’t have imagined!

Milan, Italy is one of the world’s capitals of fashion, a place obsessed with the latest
and most outrageous trends. Kamini travels to the city to venture beyond this
veneer to discover the real Milan.

But this authenticity is hard to access without a guide, someone who is in touch with
the heartbeat of this fast-paced city. Fortunately Kamini has found the perfect host –
Sara Porro of Sauce Milan, a popular food blog dedicated to the city’s culinary
culture and fashionable social life.

Kamini tastes rabbit ragu at a third generation trattoria, learns the secrets of the
local risotto, discovers the freshest produce at Mercato Communale, gets to sample
locally sourced ingredients in a sophisticated setting at Ratana, and tastes
reinvented nostalgia at the charming Taglio eatery, where Milan’s heritage is
celebrated on the plate. She also gets to sample the city’s famous tradition of
Apperitivo whilst sipping a Negroni cocktail!

Kamini is surprised to discover a very real city that is proud of its ancient roots,
fiercely supportive of its own culinary diversity and celebrates food as well as it does
its fashion!

Philadelphia is the cradle of America, after all this is where the founding fathers
gathered to claim their independence. But unlike its bigger, richer cousins on the
East Coast, when it comes to food, Philadelphia remains less celebrated. Is this the
city that started the American Dream, but that time forgot?

Kamini travels to the city to get a true taste of Philadelphia’s rich food culture. She
meets Drew Lazor: long-time Philadelphian, writer, editor, reporter and enthusiastic
eater. With Drew, Kamini gets a taste of the food that was present at the birth of
America at the famous City Tavern, gets a taste of the immigrant food culture at the
famous 9th street Italian Market, tucks into a roast pork sandwich at Reading Food
Market, tries out renowned Chef Eli Kulp’s Amish Chicken, and takes a trip through
the city’s gastro pub food culture. She even discovers the American dream in the
form of a basement brewery, producing local tipple that benefits the community.

In Philadelphia Kamini discovers a nascent food renaissance that is re-inventing the
American dream.

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