2014 New Years Resolutions with Clinical Psychologist Fred Walter

Congratulations to you for surviving 2013, and merry cheers to 2014!

The Edward Chamberlain-Bell Show team aim to help you live your best life ever this year. If you’ve already forgotten your New Year’s resolutions, they’ve got a painful reminder to keep you on your toes this year, and they’re going to keep reminding you until you can also say you’re living the best life you’ve ever had. You’re allowed to fail but you’re also encouraged to be your best.

Edward Chamberlain-Bell and Barbara Gillman interviewed clinical psychologist, Fred Walter, about why we set ourselves up for failure with our New Year’s resolution, and how we should set ourselves up for success in 2014 so we truly achieve our full potential. Turns out that we impose other people’s expectations upon ourselves that don’t resonate with who we truly are. This isn’t mumbo-jumbo, this is a psychologist’s opinion.

Edward agrees, forget about those resolutions for 2014, and be true to who YOU are and what makes the U in YOU happy!

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