Meet the fragrance queen Liz Ferrett

Liz Ferrett Fragrance Queen JoziStyle


Liz Ferrett fell in love with the concept of fragrance in her late twenties when she joined the fragrance and beauty industry. She subsequently decided to share her knowledge with both women and men. If you want to know more about fragrance, you want to meet “The Fragrance Queen” who creates interactive fragrance workshops where you can learn more about fragrance.


Liz Ferrett Fragrance Queen JoziStyle

What do you love about Jozi?
Firstly the incredible weather although cold in winter the days are mostly warm and sunny, the summer weather is fabulous and although hot it is not humid. The people in Jozi are the most friendly in SA in my humble opinion. What is there not to love about Jozi and the surrounding area?

What do you do in Jozi?
Everything and anything my heart desires in a day like eating out with good friends and family. Having friends over for dinner although this has been difficult across Covid. I love to spend time in my garden with and without my very loyal gardener. I was recently gifted 2 Rose plants, the first in my life, and I love to nurture them and they are blooming beautifully and bring me so much joy.

Are you a morning or evening person?
Since retirement, I have been too lazy to rise early although I wake up early so I guess I have become an evening person and go to bed late.

Describe a typical or ideal day in your life?
I guess you could call me layback Lizzy as I firstly drink coffee which is brought to me in bed. I then get ready for the day and most days I work on everything fragrance from reviewing new launches both male and female, on occasions skincare and makeup. I spend time researching my subject and also love creating fragrance images to post on my platforms. In addition, I spend time negotiating with brands and corporates and prepare for the many actual fragrance workshops and virtual workshops. I go into my garden every day to get a beautiful dose of vitamin garden.

Liz Ferrett Fragrance Queen JoziStyle

What makes someone a JoziStyler?
Someone who is friendly and open to meet new people and welcome into their group that love everything about our city. We love to entertain and have a laugh with friends that we love.

How do you spend your weekends in Jozi?
Saturday is my gardening day and car wash day while my husband plays golf, the evening of laidback cooking something delicious. My Sundays are mostly spent with a good friend as my hubby works most of the day. We mostly meet at a restaurant or at their or my home for a catch-up.

What’s your favourite season in Jozi?
Spring and Summer.

Your number one reason for people to visit Jozi?
To visit family and friends and explore the city with its rich heritage.

Your favourite hotel in Jozi for a #Staycation?
Although I haven’t been in a while Tintswalo at Waterfall, Midrand.

Your favourite holiday spot outside Jozi?
Cabana Beach Umhlanga, Millstream Dullstroom and believe it or not The Palace and Cascades at Sun City.

Your favourite restaurant in Jozi?
Don’t laugh, the laidback Honey Rock Motel for Peri-Peri Chicken. It’s finger-licking good!

Describe yourself as a cocktail?
Anything colourful.

Favourite spot for sundowners with friends?
Don’t have one.

Describe your ideal date night in Jozi?
A romantic dinner for two at home with delicious food and a beautifully decorated table and set in the garden with a great bottle of wine.

What do you do to relax in your spare time?
Gardening, cooking and a good movie.

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