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Eat Well Live Well, Tiger Brands’ nutrition initiative, is empowering South Africans to make informed nutritional choices with the launch of two easy-to-use guides that educate on food portion sizes and food nutrition labels.

The launch of the guides comes in the run-up to World Nutrition Day, taking place on Saturday, 28th May 2022. “In our daily lives, our food choices are a simple but effective way to care for our health and wellness, which is top of mind for many South Africans, more especially since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“In acting on our purpose to nourish and nurture more lives every day, as Africa’s largest food producer we are committed to helping consumers eat balanced and nutritious food by educating them about more healthy eating behaviours and what they need to feed their bodies to live healthier lives through the Eat Well Live Well programme,” says Tracey Rowles.

The new user-friendly Eat Well Live Well nutritional guides – Be Portion Wise with Eat Well Live Well and Demystifying Food Nutrition Labels with Eat Well Live Well – provide consumers with easy-to-understand nutrition information to help them become more aware of the correct food portion sizes for a healthier and more nutritious diet, and better understand information contained on food labels.

The guides are an extension of Tiger Brands’ efforts to pioneer innovative ways to make nutritional information easily digestible for South Africans.

Be Portion Wise with Eat Well Live Well is a portion guide for all food groups and popular SA staple foods. “A healthy lifestyle is a combination of what and how much is being eaten which is why portion control is so important. This guide provides easy to understand portion control information that includes simple ways to use your hand as a measurement tool, nutrient breakdowns for adults and children, tips for filling plates with a variety of fruit and vegetables, kids’ lunchbox ideas and healthy recipes.”

Demystifying Food Nutrition Labels with Eat Well Live Well is a guide to help consumers read and understand the nutritional information on the food products they are choosing. “Often food nutritional labels can be difficult to understand and consumers may turn to simpler, less healthy options as a result. This guide provides information on how to read nutrition labels and decipher important ingredients, including how to swap unhealthy food for healthy options, understanding Guideline Daily Amounts (GDAs), recipes to make at home and a 7-day healthy meal plan.”

“We know how difficult it can be to change eating habits and start a journey towards overall health and wellness. The guidebooks break down what is often confusing nutritional information so that our consumers make the right choices around what they are eating and the implications these choices have on their lives. The guides are specifically designed to be easy to understand with information that applies to all members of the family, from adults to children,” says Arthur Ramoroka, Tiger Brands Nutritionist and Eat Well Live Well Ambassador.


Portion Control Infographic
Nutrition Labelling Guide Infographic

Download www.ewlw.co.za.

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