ESPN: Win $320,000 in’s 44th Season!

ESPN: Win $320,000 in’s 44th Season!

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(Not available to South Africans but just sharing.)

The seasonal Championships Series is the most exciting time at

It features the most competitive horses in the virtual horse racing community; affording them an opportunity to compete against each other for the ultimate stakes that includes very lucrative sponsorships and very prestigious awards. It takes months of preparation to compete in’s Championship Series, even though there can only be one winner.

To say that preparing for a championship requires blood, sweat and tears is an understatement, but despite the crushing disappointment of failure, there is always the thrill of winning a championship title — which apparently is worth more than its weight in virtual gold. divides each year into three seasons, but trainers are known to begin their preparations weeks in advance of each season. It begins with trainers purchasing yearlings so that they can train their young steeds over every possible racing variable to ascertain their preferences for specific tracks, distances and goings on’s Race Program.

Considering that there are sponsorships worth over $320,000, trainers have more than enough motivation to invest the time in training their horses. In a game where time is money, it is time well spent training horses as comprehensibly as possible.

One might question if the rewards are worth it, but if you watch’s43rd Championship Series races which ran from 28 to 30 July 2015, you will bear witness to the enthusiasm of all Digiturfers.

The atmosphere is almost palpable in’s community forums as trainers wind down their general activity in order to focus on their most important races of the season. There’s no room for error as trainers ensure that their horses are primed for a peak racing performance; or in some cases, multiple racing performances over the three days of the Championship Series.

The three day Championship Series is fraught with tension as each of the fourteen horses competing in any of the eighteen championship races is equally competitive against each other over their respective tracks, distances and goings. Predicting a winner is a bit like splitting hairs because ultimately any of the horses could win their respective race – but some might have an off day while others just rise to the occasion.

Favorite contenders who excelled throughout the season in their Qualifiers could just as easily under-deliver in their big race as the long-shot could pull to the fore. Previous championship victories are no guarantee of future success either, as training is an ongoing exercise that could reveal more refined training results.

What makes the Championship Series so appealing to virtual trainers

Possibly, the biggest drawcard for the championships is that they are seemingly impossible to conquer. They require months of preparation, hours of dedication and considerable skill understanding the subtle nuances between the 100,000 different horses available from and their preferences for different racing conditions.

One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to discover that racing virtual horses is also incredibly fun, but it is also a thinking man’s game that requires considerable skill, strategy and lateral thinking. No one has ever won a championship purely by chance because the level of skill required to compete at championship level is so great that literally everyone needs to bring on their best game.

The great news for the winner is that all the rewards and recognition are testament to their prowess as virtual horse trainers and not some lucky draw. That recognition is automatically followed by respect, admiration and prestige from the most competitive virtual sporting platform in the world.

One could easily get used to the attention, but no sooner have the championships run and a new season begins — and another wave of contenders start competing for the coveted championship titles.

Therein lays the perpetual appeal of virtual horse racing: you’re only as good as your last race, and there is always the question if you could do it again.

Virtual horse racing is a challenging game for seasoned players so Digiturf.comdoesn’t expect new players to compete in the most competitive races on the Race Program, so they devised free races and less complicated Race Programs for new players who wanted to learn the ropes before saddling up for the most competitive and lucrative virtual horse races online.

If you joined today, would you prefer the easier track, or would you jump straight into the more competitive races? is a simulated online horse racing game where players develop their skills and strategies in owning, training and racing virtual horses against others from around the world. The horses are computer generated but the stakes are real.


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