ESPN: Check-in to cash-out at! By Edward Chamberlain-Bell @thewordofed

ESPN: Check-in to cash-out at! By Edward Chamberlain-Bell @thewordofed

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(Not available to South Africans but just sharing.)

Exciting times lie ahead for the players at – very exciting times indeed!

The virtual horse racers will be concluding their 43rd season with a three-day Championship Series that has been sponsored with over $79,000 cash. They are also preparing to compete for over $320,000 sponsorships in the new season, and a Maiden Championship has just been declared to get the new yearlings racing from the first day of the 44th season.

In addition to all the excitement generated by the end of season activities, the yearlings generate their own kind of excitement because they offer all trainers the unfair advantage of being able to train their horses ahead of the new season. The most important aspect of virtual racing is that all horses need to be trained as comprehensibly as possible to ascertain their ideal racing preferences. With over seven tracks with different racing conditions, training is the single most important step to success in the virtual horse racing community. is a skills-based game, so great trainers are defined by their great training.

Investing time in training is well worth the effort because the rewards translate directly into cash for the winners. Unlike some online games where players can purchase tokens for gameplay, is fully licenced to allow players to win real cash and to withdraw their winnings directly into their banks. They run a tight ship too, because monies can only be paid into your credit card, bank account, NETELLER or Skrill — it is a reassuring incentive to know that your money is yours to withdraw whenever you choose, not to mention that you can even win money.

While on the subject of money: how much money can a yearling make for you?


The highest earning yearling in the history of is a filly by the name of Rusty’s Princess. Her trainer, Maple Leaf Farms, says that he named her Rusty’s Princess in honour of a horse that he couldn’t even sell for US$25, but went on to win US$250 in a Championship Series consolation race which he then spent in the Sales Ring. King Rusty, the horse that nobody wanted would ultimately finance the virtual horse racing community’s greatest filly.

Within 24 months this filly had earned her trainer over US$35,600. She also won over 200 races, which included the Juvenile Classic Championship, Kentucky Fillies Classic Championship and two Saratoga Sprint Championship titles. Rusty’s Princess was undeniably one of the virtual horse racing community’s most formidable competitors but it must also be acknowledged that without a talented trainer to manage her, her career could easily have been less spectacular.

The Top 10 highest earning yearlings

Rusty’s Princess: $35,649.00
Madremonte: $29,446.00
Zarzuela’s Gem: $17,906.00
Orma Des Sakura: $17,461.00
Perfect Sakura: $13,476.00
Mutizen Empress: $12,691.00
Bob’s Big Red: $12,653.00
Toc Hells Kitchen: $11,314.00
The Red Devil: $10,892.00
Annie’s A T M: $10,229.00

Considering that yearlings can become considerable money-spinners for players, they are highly sought after from’s Sales Ring at US$15 a horse, or if its training results indicate that it has championship potential, the sky is the limit if the owner is prepared to sell.’s Championship Series is the main reason for buying yearlings as it’s sponsored with US$79,000 cash. The races are equally competitive and lucrative – which is why getting a head start by training your yearlings before the new season begins is such a powerful motivator.

In addition to the Championship Series, sponsors each of their four-month seasons with $320,000. The Championship Series will keep you busy as you get your horses qualified for the end of season finals while the $320,000 will keep you busy every day of the season. might be a game of skill but it’s also a game where time is money, and nobody appreciates this better than a trainer, which is why their horses have to hit the tracks running as soon a as the new season begins because horses can’t be earning any money unless you have them running.

Nothing proves that there is an insatiable demand for yearlings than the record prices that they can fetch in’s online auctions.

The Top 10 Most Expensive Yearlings

Madremonte: $9,000.00
Orma Des Sakura: $3,329.00
The Red Devil: $2,725.00
The Creature: $2,525.00
Toc Sadie’s Love: $2,520.00
The Succubus: $2,350.00
Kalanisi: $2,103.00
Purple Chip: $1,999.00
Ap Wacko: $1,900.00
Fourstardave: $1,875.00

There isn’t a better time to open a virtual stable at than today. It starts with you opening a free stable and ends with you in the winner’s circle. If you have ever wanted to own, train and race your own horses but never had the time of the opportunity, now is your chance. All that you need to do is register your stable name, design some funky racing silks and choose your horses. Before you know it, you’ll be buying yearlings, training them for next season’s Championship Series, and cashing your first check from at the bank!

You’re going to have so much fun that you’ll want to invite your friends to join you at is a simulated online horse racing game where players develop their skills and strategies in owning, training and racing virtual horses against others from around the world. The horses are computer generated but the stakes are real.

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