Article: The Man Who Won $460,000 Racing Cartoon Horses @Digiturf Article: The Man Who Won $460,000 Racing Cartoon Horses @Digiturf

Edward Chamberlain-Bell Writing for &

Edward Chamberlain-Bell Writing for &

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell |

When it comes to competitive online horse racing communities, has raised the stakes higher than anyone.

This is a community where the competition thrives on challenges, is fueled by lucrative stakes and excels at raising the bar in virtual horse racing excellence. There are no easy wins in this game of skill because the level of competition is so high that everyone is focused on taking their success to the next level. It would be fair to say that Digiturfers have seen their fair share of amazing achievements, but one man has just accomplished something so incredible that it left the community at speechless.

Enter a man who named his virtual stable Boom Stables before making an explosive debut in the virtual horse racing community. Within his first day he won his first race, within his first year he won 5,000 races and on the second anniversary of joining he won his 10,000th race. Statistically, he is the most successful and prolific trainer in the history of His accomplishments are not only mind-boggling because of the level of skill he demonstrates but also the time and dedication required to manage his stable.

Within two years, Boom Stables has competed in over 55,000 races. His horses have placed in 52% of their races, come first in 19% of their races and earned Boom Stables a staggering $460,000. Those are incredible winnings to make playing what is essentially a game. is an online virtual horse racing game where players compete against each other by training and racing their horses for cash stakes. It’s a high-end gaming platform that caters for people who are passionate about owning their own race horses – but it is still just a game, albeit it one that pays out very handsomely if you have what it takes.

What did it take Boom Stables to win 10,000 races and $460,000 within just two years? Clearly time is an obvious consideration because Boom Stables averages 75 races per day. Horses can’t be raced blindly because players first need to train their horses to ascertain their ideal racing conditions and obviously keep them in peak racing condition. offers nine distances over six different tracks with different weather conditions, so a trainers first job is to establish which tracks are suitable for their horses.

Unfortunately, horses don’t come with instructions so a fair element of skill is required to determine where you’re going to race them. Anybody who has worked with horses will know that they can be quite temperamental, and virtual horses are no different. Boom Stables also needed patience hitting the 10,000 milestone. Virtual horses can only be raced once a day but not every day is suitable for racing if your horses aren’t fit, don’t like the tracks or aren’t eligible for specific races. One doesn’t want to race horses just for the sake of racing them otherwise your runs / wins percentage will affect your form, and obviously it is less profitable if your horses aren’t winning money. Why else would people want to race virtual horses unless it was as lucrative as it is challenging?

One thing that we do know about Boom Stables is that while he is increasing the stakes at faster than anyone in the history of virtual horse racing, he’s not doing it for the sake of inflating his stats because he has the form and the earnings to show that he’s playing a quality game on an unprecedented scale. He’s also good for the economy because when he’s not winning races, his horses are filling fields which other stables are winning. Additionally, the quality of his horses that he sells in claimers are the kind of horses that get smaller stables racing in big races.

With bigger races comes bigger rewards because sponsors their virtual races in excess of $1,000,000 a year. Those sponsorships are divided between the Grade 1 races and the Championship Series. New players inevitably start off in the Free races but eventually graduate through the ranks of Grade 3 and Grade 2 racing to compete in the more competitive races with added stakes. It’s the natural evolution in any sport where one tries to be as competitive as possible at any level.
It seems impossible how just two years ago Boom Stables signed up at for a free stable as a rookie player to become one of the virtual horse racing community’s most accomplished trainers. In addition to finishing in’s Hall of Fame and winning 6 Championship Series titles, he’s now just been featured on ESPN.

What makes you think that it couldn’t be you? is a simulated online horse racing game where players develop their skills and strategies in owning, training and racing virtual horses against others from around the world. The horses are computer generated but the stakes are real.

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