Creating a stir with Stir restaurant and mobile trends with AngusRobinson from NATIV on Sound Bites with Edward Chamberlain-Bell onRadio Today Johannesburg.

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell

Barbara Gillman believes that Kurt and Klint Patterson are going to create a stir when they open their new restaurant, Stir, in Linden. Stir will offer a fusion of European and Mediterranean cuisine, with a twist of South African comfort food. The brothers say have a wealth of experience. For the past 15 year Kurt has been a chef in some of South Africa’s acclaimed restaurants, where his talent was acknowledged in newspapers and magazines, including TASTE and Prestige. Klint has managed some of Johannesburg’ s most popular bars and restaurants. www.voiceperfect.org

May 2013 marks one year since NATIVE introduced their mobile report into the industry. It’s been downloaded thousands of times by people from all around the world. Edward Chamberlain-Bell interviews Angus Robinson, NATIVE’s director for Director: Mobile, Content, Community & Media, anout the digital revolution that becoming a consumer revolution because today brands are co-owned by consumers. An important tip for everyone engaged in online communities is to remain relevant by delivering shared value. Simply telling people about your products and services is no longer enough. You have to give them something in return. www.native.co.za

Laura McDermid responds to a listener’s question about why there are so many contradictory opinions about which diet is the best for optimum health. Many people are quite happy indulging in an unhealthy diet but find they experience digestive discomfort when making the switch to a healthier lifestyle so they revert back to unhealthy eating habits. Laura explains the discomfort is short-lived and can be minimised by maintaining a healthy diet because the rewards are greater in the long run. www.allabouthealth.co.za

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