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Chata Romano

CHATA ROMANO has been a style icon and makeover guru in South Africa for nearly 25 years and has several books and countless successful makeover stories under her stylish belt.

When asked what she enjoys most about her job, she states without hesitation: “I enjoy making people shine like stars!”

As the Founding Member of The Complete Image Solution® and the Chata Romano Training Academy, she has evolved with the times and whilst her makeovers, consultations, workshops, products and image solutions continue to thrive, she now also offers entrepreneurial training for Image Consultants wishing to march to their own stylish drum beat to help corporate as well as individuals feel and look their best.

“Beauty is not simply an external phenomenon, it comes from within – it is who you are. Whether you are a quiet person or a go-getter, a businesswoman or a stay-at-home-mom, your own individual style is unique,” she says.

Chata’s mantra, ‘How you look is how you feel®’ is based on her philosophy to not aspire to become someone else but to make the best of who we are. The proof of this philosophy certainly lies in the countless endorsements her image solutions have received over the years by women who now hold their own with poise, grace and style.

More than 150,000 delegates have attended Chata’s Public Workshops and over 500 top companies have benefited from her Corporate Workshops.

A nominee in the prestigious Businesswoman of the Year 2009, she is clearly in high demand for her grooming solutions, public speaking and training academy.

Says Chata: “My passion is to empower women and men to become the best they can possibly be, from the boardroom to the shopping mall!”

What inspired her to venture into the world of glamorizing people and helping them realize their full potential?

“My love for fashion goes as far back as I can remember. Not in the traditional sense though. I was never fascinated by the tall, thin models who graced the covers of fashion magazines. I was intrigued by what I could do with real women. Apparently it all started one day when I was eight years old. I was outside “helping” my father wash his car. I saw our neighbour walking across the road, and said to my father, “that lady looks much thinner than she did yesterday.” The 24-hour weight loss was impossible, of course, but somehow I intuitively knew that she was wearing an outfit that made her look thinner. This illusion struck a chord in me, and so the passion began.

“I opened my first ‘makeover door’ in 1990 in Cape Town, a week after Avri and I got married,” she smiles. In 1993 Chata launched her National Workshops, by 1997 her and husband Avri published their books, in 2002 her Training Consultants initiative was launched and by 2004, the business expanded to Australia.

Chata believes in evolving with the times in the every-growing world of female entrepreneurs globally, hence her launching Become a Consultant Training Academy in 2002 to empower individuals wanting to start their own business in Image Consulting.

Her Public Workshops have seen more and more professionals seeking to improve their image through stylish makeovers and acquiring the valuable skills of making the most of themselves.

The Corporate Workshops address professionals, either aspiring to make corporate leaders or already in such positions, yet, wanting to enforce their presence in a competitive business world, where appearance is important.

Chata and her team of consultants live by “the triple P mantra: Polished, Professional and Passionate – your image is, ultimately, your future. The impression you create through your clothing can be very powerful. When your external image is in harmony with your inner-self, a wonderful feeling of confidence ensues,” she says.

According to a study done by Dress for Success guru John Malloy, 99% of executives said that social skills were prerequisites for succeeding in business and social life.

A journalist once asked Chata to describe her business in just two words – her immediate response was “Glamorous Reality”. “I loved these words so much that I decided to trademark them, and so Glamorous Reality® was born. My objective is to provide women with answers to their fashion and beauty questions by using real women to demonstrate how – women to whom you can relate, and about whom you can say: ‘Yes, I can also look like that!’”

A confident speaker and the author of four best-selling books, Chata’s success stems from her dynamic presence, vivacious personality and the ability to reach out to her audience – as a role model who practices what she preaches: polished, professional and passionate.

For more details on Chata Romano’s corporate workshops, consultations, image solutions, public speaking, training and make-overs, call 072 065 2591 and view www.chataromano.com.

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