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Feed a child for R2,50 with The Lunchbox Fund @TheLunchboxFund

The Lunchbox Fund is a Non-Profit Organization that focuses on fostering education via nutrition by providing a daily meal for orphaned and at-risk school children in township and rural areas of South Africa. Children who don’t have enough to eat cannot work towards a proper education. Without a proper education, their future prospects are severely […]

Simply click like, retweet & share to win with #MissionSamsung

It was a huge honour to be invited to blog for Samsung’s #MissionSamsung challenge. The concept is very simple: Samsung invited bloggers to review their products, Samsung’s social media followers voted on a challenge for the bloggers to address, and the bloggers blogged. Here’s my review of Samsung’s UHD TV for the #MissionSamsung blogging challenge. […]

Sleepless nights giving you the blues? Try these natural remedies before self-medicating!

Ophthalmologist Dr. Rob Daniel joined us in the JoziStyle studio at Radio Today Johannesburg to discuss the importance of good sleep hygiene, the consequences of sleep deprivation to your health and dangers of taking medication. Anybody who has battled with insomnia will appreciate that that a good night’s sleep is worth more than gold. I’ve […]

Highlights & lowlights on @JoziStyle this week- our most read blog posts & radio interviews @Radio2Day

Hello #JoziStylers! It has been a week of events and non-events for me at JoziStyle. Here are some of the highlights for our readers, listeners and also ourselves, so if you don’t have time to read from beginning to end, this summary will help you keep abreast of what is trending on JoziStyle. The […]

Need help assisting someone with Dementia? Alzheimer’s? @dementia_sa can help!

Everyone knows somebody with Alzheimer’s.  Whether it be a family member or friend – they are abandoned by the public and loved ones. Everybody gives to Children’s Causes but people with Alzheimer’s are dying from slow neglect yet they can be given a significant quality of life.  Dementia SA is on a drive to show […]

Podcast & Interview: Conflict resolution & relationship building with Dr. John Demartini @JoziStyle @Radio2Day @thewordofed @HeatherLHook

Dr. John Demartini joins Edward Chamberlain-Bell, Heather Hook & Barbara Gillman in the JoziStyle studios at Radio Today Johannesburg. JoziStyle is broadcast on Saturdays from 12h00 to 13h00 (GMT+2). Radio Today Johannesburg (@Radio2Day) broadcasts on 1485 AM in Johannesburg and country-wide on DStv audio channel 869. Stream: and Radio Today! Radio that delivers! Transcription […]

A feast for the eyes & tastebuds @UltimateBraai Master #JoziStyle #Photographs

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell A selection of my favourite photographs from the Ultimate Braai Master auditions in Johannesburg. The Ultimate Braai Master auditions in Johannesburg were hosted in the parking lot at the Indaba Hotel and Conference Centre in Fourways. It was a spacious venue that could accommodate all the teams but they were still at […]

What does 2015 hold for JoziStylers? Opal-Jazmine Dodkins from SpiritsOracle shares her insights.

2012 – 2014 Completion and New energy paradigms of 2015: By Opal-Jazmine Dodkins The year 2012, 2013 and particularly 2014 were years of complete entropy – pure creation and emergence in the most authentic and dynamic way. Very different from what humanity has experienced before. It has been an incredible few years for most. In […]

Is it always better on the big screen @sterkinekor? @JoziStylecoza

Follow us to find out how you can WIN movie tickets exclusively for our Twitter community! #BigScreen #ILoveCinema — Ster-Kinekor (@sterkinekor) September 12, 2014 It’s always better on the big screen indeed! Going to the movies has never lost it’s appeal, certainly not in comparison to watching DVDs or television, because it has a […]

The Making of a Triple Crown Champion on!

The Making of a Triple Crown Champion on! Day 1: Ripen wins the Triple Crown Sprint Championship 3Y C! It is a virtually impossible accomplishment, but winning the Triple Crown Championship is not entirely impossible at Cmr Racing proved this to be true when his colt, Ripen, won the Triple Crown Sprint Championship, […]

Digital Nomads: The Evolution of Mankind Continues Through The Digital Age

Nothing defines our existence better than our activity on social media platforms, where we share everything from the mundane to the sublime with family, friends, fans, followers and cyberstalkers. We know who had burnt toast for breakfast in Peru, and we also know who is nursing a hangover in Afghanistan. Sometimes we know too much […]

Virtual Horse Racing is an extreme sport at!

A horse just needs to win the Kentucky Derby and it is automatically tipped to win the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing. Winning the Preakness Stakes simply adds fuel to the fire as the media goes into overdrive asserting that a Triple Crown victory is inevitable. Forget the fact that we’ve never had a Triple […]

Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions.

Answer these questions using only song names from ONE ARTIST. Pass it on to 12 people you like and include me. Try not to repeat a song title. It’s a lot harder than you think! Repost as “My Life According to (BAND NAME)” Pick Your Artist: Madonna Are you a male or female? Candy Perfume Boy Describe […]

Media24 Rates Edward Chamberlain-Bell.

By Edward Chamberlain-Bell Edward is very knowledgeable in his field with a strong focus on professionalism. I learnt about interconnecting multiple social media platforms (Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube) for maximum exposure and about targeted writing based on most popular Google searches. I had previous exposure with Facebook and Twitter but I will now be […]

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