Can @localgrill keep the @TheWolftrapWine @TheSteakHunter Championship Award a 2nd year in @JoburgRSA ?

The Local Grill

I interviewed Steven Maresch from The Local Grill on The Edward Chamberlain-Bell Show (Radio Today Johannesburg) when they won the inaugural award (2013); so it gave me double pleasure to feature them again in advance of the 2014 awards. Am I biased wanting him to win a second time when he’s already made history? Damn straight I am.

I would even cheer The Local Grill a third time to win the Triple Crown of Steakhouse Championships. Not only is Steve a great guy, he’s very down to earth and doesn’t have an inch of ego about his status. And, I’ve met plenty of great restaurateurs who’s bad attitude caused me to lose my appetite. Steve knows his stuff, so he doesn’t need to impress people, which I find quite impressive. He’s more focussed the diner’s experience than their praise. He’s a man of the earth who talks about the basics of ‘field to fork’ dining and how to appreciate the nuances of organic grass-fed beef from artificially tenderised, mass-produced meat. His passion for beef is comparable to a wine connoisseurs’ nose for a particular terroir and vintage. Not that you’re going to be bored, but informed, if you choose to dine at The Local Grill.

In the spirit of objectivity; one can be both biased and objective, believe it or not, the competition for the Wolftrap Steakhouse Championship Award is intense, and I would happily celebrate and share their success with both my blog followers and my listeners on Radio Today Johannesburg. The restaurant industry is saturated with opposition, diners are certainly spoilt for choice, so to be acknowledged by the public and food critics for the Wolftrap Steakhouse Championship Award is a huge honour and a sterling recommendation for any restaurant. If you haven’t frequented these establishments, then you can certainly add them to your To Do list with confidence.

The public has spoken, and the votes are cast. After three months of exciting voting action, the 140 steakhouses that were entered into The Wolftrap Steakhouse Championships 2014 have been distilled into these Final Five.

The Final Five Steakhouses for 2014 (in alphabetical order) are:

HQ (Cape Town) – Western Cape
Fahrenheit (Edenvale) – East Rand, Johannesburg, Gauteng
The Godfather (Centurion) – Pretoria, Gauteng (Finalist in 2013)
The Local Grill (Parktown North) – Johannesburg, Gauteng (2013 Champion)
Theo’s (Mouille Point) – Western Cape

It is these Five that will now be judged by experts during this month of June. All visits will be unannounced and the steakhouses will be assessed according to a strict set of criteria. And then, once the judges have deliberated, South Africa’s Steakhouse Champion for 2014 will be announced on the 24th June at a media event at last year’s Champion Steakhouse, The Local Grill in Parktown North, Johannesburg.

What’s even more exciting is that the public can continue to win – and the prize is fantastic… The Wolftrap wine for a whole year! Simply by doing the following:

1. Tweet including @TheWolftrapWine and @TheSteakHunter
2. Tell us who, of the Final Five, you think will win, and
3. Add the hashtag #WHOWILLWIN

One lucky winner who predicts this correctly will win The Wolftrap wine for ONE YEAR – six 12-bottle cases white and six 12-bottle cases red.

Visit www.steakhunter.co.za for more information – and to learn more about steak: how to find the best and cook it right every time.

Now in its second exciting year, The Wolftrap Steakhouse Championships selects South Africa’s favourite steakhouses by public vote – and then identifies the best of the best by expert judging. Last year saw The Local Grill of Parktown North emerge as South Africa’s Steakhouse Champion for 2013 – and at the beginning of March 2014 the hunt began for this year’s best. Around 140 steakhouses were nominated and voted for by the public during the open voting first round in March and April – and on Voting Day, 7th May, the Top 20 Steakhouses for 2014 were announced, followed by the Final Five, after the open voting second round, on the 2nd June.

The Judges

Pete Goffe-Wood, Reuben Riffel and Arnold Tanzer.

The Wolftrap Steakhouse Championships

Email: info@steakhunter.co.za
Website: www.steakhunter.co.za

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