X marks the spot for Calexico Vinyl Lounge and Beer Yard #DineJoziStyle @calexicojhb

Calexico DineJoziStyle

X marks the spot for Calexico Vinyl Lounge and Beer Yard (formerly Stanley Beer Yard).

Calexico DineJoziStyle Edward Chamberlain-Bell

#CalexicoJHB is a portmanteau for Californian / Mexican cuisine – and that’s about as pretentious as they get.

On the menu are sticky finger treats like ribs, wings, and nachos, served alongside hyper-healthy coleslaws, and a very trendy little artichoke dip (served hot but mildly spicy).

Desserts were crowd-pleasing brownies and apple crumble – unfortunately I didn’t have room to enjoy, but I stole a scoop of the accompanying vanilla ice-cream, and was pleased enough to be impressed.

I couldn’t drink alcohol as I hadn’t eaten beforehand, so I challenged their mixologist to make me a virgin cocktail that didn’t taste like syrup that was missing something … he created a decidedly dry citrus mojito followed by a fiery chilli & coriander concoction that kicked like a mule. I eventually did have tequila and promptly forgot the names of everything!

Highlight: A very exciting evolution of the Stanley Beer Yard narrative into a more eclectic dining space that won’t alienate regulars, but is certain to attract new foodie followers.

Lowlight: I’m certain I can find one if I had enough time to dig deep enough …

Conclusion: if The Beach Boys wanted to hangout in Jozi, you’d probably find them at #CalexicoJHB!

Visit www.calexico.co.za.

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