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Artists at the Art Investments Gallery have seen an increase in commissioned art in recent months – news below…
Commissioned art increasing in demand for private collectors

The Art Investments Gallery management in Parkhurst report a notable increase in commissioned art by their highly skilled artists, especially for corporate sectors, says Thobile Disemelo, operations manager for the innovative gallery.

Chairperson for the Art Investments gallery, Sindi Mabaso-Koyana reports the increase in demand commissioned art by the artists includes private collectors wanting to celebrate special occasions in their lives and creating beautiful portraits of members of families as well as specific achievements for loved-ones, such as a teenage girl captured on canvas with her horse. Whilst such a personalised painting might not increase in value as an investment, it will enjoy pride of place in the family for generations to come.

Sindi’s foray into art reflects her belief that art is one of the most astute investments in today’s marketplace. ‘Over time an investment in one of the pieces by the young artists at our gallery can easily outperform other traditional investments.”

Art Investments recently exhibited in the scenic gardens at Fairlawns Boutique Hotel & Spa, where the annual Home Channel Joburg Child Welfare décor morning was managed by Edith Venter Promotions, The some 250 guests supporting this much anticipated annual charity event responded most favourably to the art exhibited, many of which requested commissioned works for their businesses as well as homes.

Other current community projects involving the gallery include MOU with the National Arts Council.

Art Investments empowers great artists whilst mentoring young, promising artists. Says Sindi: “I’m pleased to see the positive impact we’re having in the lives of our artists, their families and communities. Art Investments invests in the artists it works with by buying the art they produce and not just taking it on consignment before it finds its way to homes, offices and the great galleries of the world.

“Our artists include John Vusi Mfupi, Patrick Rapai, Isaac Mekgwe, Stopie Selebi and Eric Sher. They have grown in popularity with South African art. It is true that the beauty of art is in the eye of the beholder but our avid buyers agree that ‘today’s beautiful bargain is tomorrow’s coveted treasure.’ “

Artist John Vusi Mfupi recently created a unique life-sized painting of music icon Brenda Fassie to commemorate a book of her life 10 years since her tragic death. This piece is already highly collectable.

Sindi is no stranger to the world of high finance. She is the Executive Chairperson of Advanced Capital, an investment company specialising in mining and industrial products and solutions.

The Art Investments Gallery was launched in 2012 by the directors of Advanced Capital, who realised and fulfilled the need for corporates to invest in and champion the cause of committed young artists by offering them resources, studio space and a platform to create and promote their art to the local and international markets.

Contact Thobile at www.artinvestments.co.za

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