$99,000 Virtual Horse Racing Championships Raise The Stakes Online

Virtual horse racing appeals to just about anyone who has ever wanted to own, train and race their own horses.

The excitement of virtual horse racing lies in the thrill of beating the competition or winning the generous cash sponsorships. While some players enjoy a superficial interest in racing their horses there are others who take the competition so seriously that they race their virtual horses against each other into a highly competitive and lucrative online Championship Series.

If you think racing virtual horses sounds like a fun game, imagine how much more fun it is when you can win $99,000.00. Then consider that the only difference between you and the competition winning $99,000.00 is how skillfully you’ve trained your horses to win the most competitive online thoroughbred championships.

Competition is what drives the virtual horse racing community because everyone wants to win more races and earn more money but the ultimate distinction is winning the highly prized Championship Series title. It goes beyond cash and glory, a Championship Series title is what distinguishes you as a consummate trainer and confirms that your horse is the ultimate champion.

If you enjoy the adrenaline rush of high stakes and competitive horse racing then Digiturf.com is the ultimate online horse racing destination for you. They established themselves in 2001 as the world’s first online horse racing community when they pioneered the concept of racing animated CGI horses in 3D action for horse racing enthusiasts, who weren’t quite in the mink and manure income bracket, but had their own ideas about how race horses if they had their own. Now they can!

The differences between real horses and virtual horses are slight. Real horses smell kind of horsy, are full of manure and tend to break their legs whenever there is money riding on their back; while virtual horses suffer none of those indignities, they are no better behaved. Virtual horses need to be trained and groomed to perform at their best. Just like any true thoroughbred, they can become quite temperamental if you don’t train them properly because some of them are either are sprinters or stayers or somewhere in between.

Digiturf.com certainly caters for all horses; they have dirt tracks in America, Canada and Dubai and turf tracks in Australia, England and Hong Kong. Factor in the unpredictable nature of weather predictions and any of the goings could vary between fast, firm, good, muddy, yielding or soft. All you need to find out is at which distance your horses are most competitive and if they have a discernable preference for specific tracks or goings. Some horses can sprint over a 1000M track so fast you’ll think you’ve just bottled lightning while other horses have the staying power to go the distance over 3200M.

Over at Digiturf.com there are horses horse that can win every distance but champions aren’t born every day, and if you’re a regular at the Digiturf.com tracks you’ll know that those days can be few and far between, so when you find a virtual champion in your stable you know the financial future of your stable could be set for life but if you botch it you will have to endure the ignominy of ruining a fine horse.

Virtual horse racing can become a stressful game, for one that most people play for relaxation, but when the only thing standing between you and eighteen other trainers winning $99,000.00 is a pixelated horse that doesn’t sleep or eat, then you might find your stress levels rising faster than Zenyatta’s chances of winning her twentieth race – with the same consequences the day after.

The Championship Series is the highlight of the virtual horse racing season because only the best fourteen horses are invited to compete in each race making up the series. Establishing which horses will compete requires all contenders to race through a series of Qualifiers to earn enough points. The series culminates in a Championship Final in the last week of the season with cash prizes sponsored by Digiturf.com. Fourteen horses will compete in the finals while the remaining horses are automatically entered into a series of consolation races worth over $23,000. Consolation races cater for the horses that will probably never win a Championship but that doesn’t mean they don’t run with the spirit of a champion.

That’s what Digiturf.com and horse racing is all about: it’s less important where you finish in a race but how you run that matters; and that’s a good analogy for life, although no one would ever hold it against you if you said you would rather have the money.

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