Are South Africans getting the service they deserve? @Davenemeth tells you what to expect in 2015!

By Changing consumer attitudes by Dave Nemeth | @Davenemeth

Are you getting the service that you deserve? Shoppers are no longer interested in store discounts when they can shop around online, pay for goods and services online and have everything delivered anywhere in the world. Having a credit card is no longer a privilege considering that it is almost a basic human right in the 21st century, but not everything has to be reduced to a cold, impersonal online shopping experience according to trend forecaster Dave Nemeth.

JoziStyle interviewed Dave about what South Africans should expect from retailers, and what we should reject, because while times are a-changing, money is still a valuable commodity that retailers need to work to get our of our pockets. If you’re not getting the service that you deserve, then find someone who can give you the service that you deserve.

Dave says that one of the biggest drivers in the changing of trends are the ever-changing mindsets and habits of consumers. These new consumer attitudes are driving the future of style, design and shopping. Make sure you get the best of everything, and never settle for less than the best!

Anti Mass Production
There is an obvious move away from the consumerism of past years as well as an avoidance of mass produced products. Certain items will always be mass-produced and cost viability is of the utmost essence, yet in other sectors such as furniture we see an appreciation for hand-crafted goods. Consumers have come to realise that anything that is hand-crafted is going to be far more expensive, but they would in many cases spend more on such products in order to have an item that will actually last for many years and can even be handed down to future generations.

We see this with food and drink products as well, with the rise of artisanal chocolates, sweets and coffees, not to mention the ever popular “Craft Beer” revolution.

Unique User Experiences A Necessity
Consumers in touch with world-wide events as they happen, as their lives are bombarded with information as it happens. Based on this consumers have become bored with everyday events and products. Companies that want to entice consumers and get them to spend their hard-earned money are going to have to create new and exciting experiences in order win loyalty. The way in which brands communicate with consumers will also be as important as their assortment of products. This will include everything from clothes to motor cars.

Online Purchasing
For many years it was believed that the South African consumer was not going to follow in the footsteps of many international countries with regards to online buying. Recent years have however proved that this is not the case and we are seeing a huge increase locally across all LSMs of online transacting. From simply sending money all the way through to purchasing clothing and accessories online. The trust with online purchasing will continue to increase and companies that have not yet got a strategy and plan of action for this will be left behind.

Rebellion Against Bad Service
Consumers will NO longer keep quiet about bad service and service delivery. With the amount of social media channels, brands need to constantly be on their toes with regards to their service levels as irate consumers take to the digital platforms, where millions can see. It is not however only these digital channels that will be used as we recently saw from a disgruntled customer of a large cell phone operation who physically put up a massive banner expressing his disapproval.

Face To Face Interaction
Going hand in hand with this zero acceptance for bad service, consumers will expect to be able to speak quickly (and without waiting for hours on a telephone) to a human being that can assist them with processes such as online purchases, banking and any other service for that matter, when things go wrong. As much as consumers are comfortable with doing things in cyberspace and online, when there is a call for it, speaking to a clued up person who can resolve issues quickly, will be vital for the success of any company.

These are just a few consumer attitudes that will have a huge impact on trends going forward and we will keep visiting these interesting changes in behaviour and attitudes.

What are your views about service levels in South Africa? Do your service providers offer you the service you deserve in the 21st century, or are you obliged to an outdated contract that dictates how businesses do business with you?

Dave Nemeth will be joining us in the JoziStyle studios at Radio Today Johannesburg on Saturday, January 31, 2015 to discuss changing consumer attitudes. Tune in on 1485am or DStv Audio 869 between 12-1PM.

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  1. Mo

    We couldn’t agree more Dave. Frustrated at the service we’ve received in an industry that we’ve worked in for years, we’ve decided to push the envelope in 2 areas that you mention; 1) An Exceptional Customer Experience, and 2) The first online watch repair service in SA. Have your watch collected from your home or office, repaired and returned in the shortest possible lead times. We’ve been pleasantly surprised at the overwhelming positive response we’ve received to online bookings. Now we hope that we’ve steered clear of making our customers experience a cold, drab one that online is perceived to be.

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