Meet Bond’s new allies in NO TIME TO DIE

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Meet Bond’s new allies in NO TIME TO DIE: Agents Nomi (Lashana Lynch) and Paloma (Ana de Armas).



New to the game of espionage in NO TIME TO DIE  is the character of Nomi, a fresh MI6  agent, who is played by the hugely talented actress, Lashana Lynch.

“She is strong, whip-sharp, witty and brave,” Lynch says of her character. “She is playful, very cheeky, very sarcastic and dry. I think she’s a nice match for Bond because he can be very serious, especially when he’s on a mission.”

When they first meet in Jamaica, she and Bond are at loggerheads. “Nomi likes to use Bond’s age to make him feel uncomfortable,” the actress smiles. In spite of their differences, Nomi and Bond come together and make a formidable  team pooling their skills as the film builds towards to its climactic moment and Nomi demonstrating both her physical and technical proficiency.


Another integral character on Bond’s journey in the film is Paloma, an enthusiastic, newly trained and physically accomplished Cuban CIA agent who really packs a punch. She is played by Ana de Armas.

“Paloma has something to say and is a little bit out of the box with her sense of humour and the way she carries herself and relates to Bond. She is someone I haven’t really seen on screen before.  She is so funny and has this bubbliness in her,” the actress says of her character. “Sometimes she is playful and naïve and messy, but she is also skilled and trained and she knows what she is doing.”